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Can Juvederm 3 or 4 Be Used in Lips?

I've heard using 3 or 4 is better than 2 because their longevity is greater than 2. I this safe and acceptable practice? READ MORE

If We Didn't Use Full Syringe of Juvederm, How Long It is Good for if Refrigerated?

Upper lip 0.3 of full syringe,that cost me $500.00, I want to add more around nasolabial fold or between eye frown line, how long can he keep the... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra Plus Lips?

If i get 2 or 3 syringes for my lips will they be big ?? dos it last for 9-12 months on the lips ??? if i keep geting Juvederm Ultra Plus every 6... READ MORE

I've recently had Juvederm in my lips. Will exposure to the sun or to heat make it less effective?

I just had Juvederm in my lips and I will be going on vacation to Orlando soon. We will be spending 4-5 days at the parks. Will the sun/heat make the... READ MORE

Can Leftover Filler Be Used?

My doctor injected half syringe of Juvederm (Ultra) for my nasolabial fold, ans he said to come back for follow up next time. And he will use another... READ MORE

Juvederm After Blepharoplasty?

I had a Blepharoplasty a few years ago, and a lot of tissue was removed under the eye. Now, five years later, I am getting a lot of wrinkling and the... READ MORE

Juvederm Vs. Perlane for Deep Wrinkles?

I am considering injectable fillers for deep wrinkles. Which between Juvederm or Perlane is best for this problem? READ MORE

27 Year Old Considering Juvederm for Smile Creases- 3 Months Til Wedding

Hi, I recently lost 15 lbs and my face has slimmed down significantly. I now have smile creases around my mouth that are always present. The lines... READ MORE

Will getting a hydrafacial a week after juvederm make the juvederm dissolve faster?

I recently got juvederm on my laughlines around my nose and on my lip I am getting a hydra facial in a week will it lessen the effect of juvederm or... READ MORE

Does Anyone Have Any Information on Fat Transfer Vs Juvederm for Nasal Folds & Around the Mouth?

I am very nervous & anxious about fillers. Is it best for a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to perform the procedure. I hear positive results but... READ MORE

Does Juvederm ever not take or work? (Photo)

I went to a doctor to get a full syringe of juvederm. it seems as if the juvederm didnt work for my bottom lip. i actually bought the full syringe as... READ MORE

Will Getting a Facial Affect Under Eye Fillers?

I had Juvederm injected into my tear troughs about two weeks ago. (The results so far have been just okay.) I was wondering if getting a facial would... READ MORE

Is Juvederm Ultra Plus XC as effective after the the remainder of the syringe has been stored for future use? (photo)

I live in LA and have what most Dr.'s would call "LA lips" as I don't care to be subtle with any work I've had done. Over the course of 16 mos. I've... READ MORE

I had Juveduerm and voluma and took a calcium channel blocker will it affect the injections?

What can I do to make the injections last the amount of time I was told. I paid almost 4000.00 for the injections not to work READ MORE

The longevity and effectiveness of Fat filler and Juvederm on small atrophic scar on nostril?

I recently had a consultation for an atrophic localised scar on my nostril despite it being small in size it is shallow. It is nearly a year old. I... READ MORE

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