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Can Under Eye Juvederm Affect Lymphatic Drainage in the Face?

Can Juvederm under the eyes can hinder normal lymphatic drainage in the undereye and surrounding area? I get monthly lymphatic drainage sessions to... READ MORE

Juvederm Voluma Causing Malar Edema, Confused, Help!

Hi! I had juvederm voluma in my cheeks 3 weeks ago. For the first 2 week I had some strange side effects, of palpitations, extreme muscle fatigue and... READ MORE

Juvederm Injected in Nasolabial Triangle: Edema Still at 21 Days?

I'm a female in my mid-20's and I had Juvederm injected 21 days ago in my right nasolabial triangle to correct a sneer-look + asymmetry... READ MORE

How To Tackle Resolving Excess Facial Swelling from Juvaderm Under Eyes?

A few years back I had surggery on my upper jaw and was left with some degree of residual edema from the procedure. About 8 months ago I had Juvaderm... READ MORE

Facial edema months after juvederm?

My face has developed significant facial edema seven months after juvederm. It is in my cheeks and jowl area, not in the area of injections. It looks... READ MORE

Juvederm under eyes 2.5 weeks ago. Bruising? Over injection? Edema? Tyndall? (Photo)

I had my tear troughs injected with Juvaderm 2.5 weeks ago and my right under eye still is bruised and swollen. Is this just too much filler? Or... READ MORE

Edema and Juvederm?

Four days after Juvederm 1.5 ml for nasolabial folds and lips, my whole body is swollen, especially face and nape of the head. I have been on... READ MORE

How do I get rid of puffiness/edema after Juvederm under eyes? It's been a year and a half! (Photo)

1.5 years ago I went to an eye surgeon to Get restylane to fill in deep eye hollows & for dark circles. The Dr. used Juvederm XC & Immediately... READ MORE

Can wrong technique injecting Juvederm cause scarring, damage? (photo)

I had 1 ml Juvederm Voluma and 1 ml Juvederm Volift midface, undereye 5 months ago. I had puffiness and went back three times to dissolve the product... READ MORE

Looking for guidance: Post Juvederm filler under eye/tear trough. Is Thermitight a good option? PRP? (photos)

I am a year out from using Juvederm (not Voluma, either Plus or Ultra) and began experiencing edema under my eyes. I now understand this isn't the... READ MORE

Problems after derma fillers. Any suggestions?

I had radiesse and juvederm 4 years ago and I develop facial edema at first and then it spread all over my body. I developed lumps in various part of... READ MORE

Is there edema in my nose from juvederm - 0.3ml? (photos)

I've had juvederm ultra 3. injected over 5 months ago and wondering why I have continued swelling. I HAD 0.3ML injected in the right alar and have... READ MORE

Should I get second opinion on juvederm nose complication or should I wait for advise for it to return to normal? (Photos)

I have juvederm ultra 3, 0.3ml in right alar nose 3 months ago. I had swelling which subsided in few days but still a dramatic change in volume for a... READ MORE

Edema and hard lumps in cheeks and surrounding areas 5 months after Juvederm injections and same if not worse in my lips (Photo)

I've had juvaderm injections in my cheek area and in my folds. I also had restayline in my lips. I woke up one morning and one lip was completely... READ MORE

Malar edema from juvederm on right side of face cheek area, need help - very noticeable.

6 years ago juvederm in tear troughs .malar edema right side cheek only had 2 treatments of hyaluronidase no help.cheek is swollen READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Would this level of swelling with Juvederm/Belotero worry you? Should I discontinue having lip fillers?

I had 1ml of Juvederm/Boletro, the swelling starts as my lips are being injected and then the swelling goes down after a couple of days & looks... READ MORE

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