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If a Doctor Says They Are a Platinum Injector, What Does That Mean?

I have no one to recommend a doc to me and would like to plump my lips with juvederm. The most I can do is read reviews online, but these reviews... READ MORE

How to Find the Best Doctor in Chicago for Juvederm for Eye Bags?

I am thinking about trying juvederm (either in the cheek or tear troughs) for my eye bags. They really bother me, but surgery is really out of the... READ MORE

Best place in or around Montreal, Quebec to get Juvederm/fillers under eye for hollows/dark circles and lips?

I am considering juvederm for under eye hollows and darkcircles and for fine laugh lines ( may b called nasolabial folds!!) and my lips. i am looking... READ MORE

Good Place to Get Juvederm Plus & Botox in Bangkok?

G'day, I am going to Bangkok on the 18th April 2010 and would like to have some juvederm Plus on my top lip to define it and also some Botox on my... READ MORE

Looking for a Good Juvederm Provider in Orange County, California?

I tried Juvederm for the first time (nasolabia fold and a bit underneath the eyes) a couple of months ago and liked the results. I have heard of the... READ MORE

Will Juvederm Work to Reduce Marionette Lines at Corners of the Mouth?

Considering having juvederm in the Boston area. Anyone had it done and recommend anyone? I am 59 and after a 50# weight loss find I have deeper... READ MORE

Juvederm for $450 in South Houston Tx?

I would like to know if I can find a clinic where I can get juvederm for $450.00 in south houston texas? I need to make the appointment for next week.... READ MORE

Looking for Experienced Doctors That Does Juvederm or Restylane Under the Eyes in North Carolina? (photo)

I am looking for a doctor that is experience with fillers around the eyes. I know this is a very delicate area, and I will not go to anyone who... READ MORE

Please Recommend a Raleigh-Durham Expert in Juvederm Removal?

I would like to get the Juvederm off the top of my lips. I have waited for months and it's still there. I don't want to be unhappy anymore. Can... READ MORE

Juvederm Doctor in Northern Virginia?

Can anyone recommend a doctor in Virginia (Northern Virginia) experienced with Juvederm injections under the eye? I'd hate to pick a surgeon that... READ MORE

How Can I Find a Doctor Willing to Treat Me with Hyaluronidase when the Injecting Doctor Won't Use the Dissolver?

I had Juvederm injected under both eyes on October 8, 2012. It migrated to my lower eyelids and caused severe swelling, wrinkling, and a dark, bluish... READ MORE

Juvederm in Lips One Month Post, Too Swollen, Feels Tight. Possible to Dissolve a Little?

I topped off Juvederm from 2 months prior (too soon!), less than a 1/2 a syringe (I get touch-ups every four months) & this time, my upper lip was... READ MORE

Nashville Juvederm Doctor Recommendations

Has anyone had facial fillers, such as Radiesse or Juvederm, etc. (not Botox), in Nashville, TN (or surrounding counties)? If so, would you share... READ MORE

Who is the considered the best Juvederm doctor in the Northern Virginia area excluding Washington DC and MD?

I'm looking for an affordable doctor match with precise injection skills. For example......I want my lips to be filled as evenly as possible the FIRST... READ MORE

Who to Go to for Juvederm Injection in Chicago?

Can you recommend a reputable plastic surgeon or physician in the Chicago, IL area or surrounding suburbs for Juvederm procedure? READ MORE

Juvederm Doctor in Boca Raton, FL?

Can anyone suggest a doctor who is conservative with Juvederm in the Boca Raton, Florida? READ MORE

Palm Coast Juvederm Doctor Recommendation

Can anybody recommend a doctor in Palm Coast, Florida who offers lower prices for Juvederm (around $400 a syringe)? READ MORE

Vero Beach Juvederm Doctor Recommendations

I am looking for a doctor in Vero Beach who offers Juvederm in reasonable prices per syringe. I am talking in the $400's. I live in Vero Beach, but... READ MORE

Maryland Juvederm Doctor Recommendations

Does anyone have experience with a good doctor in the Maryland area that has done filler under the eyes? I would love to have a name of a doctor who... READ MORE

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