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Real Pain with Juvederm Injections Around Mouth. Can This Be Avoided?

Rate it right up there with getting a Tat! Hesitant to do it again tho I like the results. What can help me. Thanks! READ MORE

Heavy bruising, swelling and tingling after Juvederm lip injections. Is the tingling normal? (photos)

I had Juvederm lip injections done by a plastic surgeon 2 days ago. The immediate results were great. I expected some bruising & swelling around the... READ MORE

3 wks post op Juvederm, I have lumps, asymmetry, holes, & upper lip twice bigger than lower lip. Any suggestion? (photo)

Hi: I asked a previous question a while back regarding these. Issues are worse now that the swelling is gone. Doctor's nurse massaged the lumps + lips... READ MORE

I am still in a lot of discomfort after Juvederm injection a week ago. Any suggestions?

I had juvederm injection 1 week ago. Both smile line and for a sagging at chin/jaw line. My smile lines are fine with no issues. My chin however is... READ MORE

3 weeks after Juvederm, my eyes are still very swollen and got a pretty bad allergic reaction? (Photo)

Three weeks ago I had the Juvederm injected to the area on the both side of my eyes, tear through, face, and lip. Since then my eyes are very swollen... READ MORE

Juvederm and discomfort. Any suggestions?

I posted a question a few days back about strange sensations with juvederm . Tingling, pressure, burning in nasal labaloids area and lips. My... READ MORE

Post Juvederm lump? (photos)

I am 24 hours post first juvederm injection in glabrlla. I went for Botox but dr said juvederm was more appropriate. I have small Needle marks,... READ MORE

My lips are very swollen from Juvederm injections. My bottom lip is very hard & stuff/discomfort. Is this normal? (Photos)

I had my lips injected with one syringe of Juvederm about 12 hours ago. Presently, my lips are very swollen, bottom lip is stiff & hard, swelling... READ MORE

Juvederm ultra plus in lips 3 days ago for the second time at different doc, having different results. Is this normal? (Photos)

Hello, I got juvederm ultra lip injections once before and I bruised a lot from it but overall by day 4 my lips went down a lot from the swelling and... READ MORE

How long is there pain/discomfort following lip augmentation with Juvederm?

How many days on average? If I get it done on a Monday, would I usually be back to normal by Fri eve, 7:00 PM? READ MORE

I have had Juvederm filler for lips, smile line and under the ear cheeks (which I did for the first time). Any suggestions?

I have had filling my cheek bones area before and never witnessed any discomfort what so ever, but now the doctor injected me around the face area... READ MORE

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