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8 days post Juvederm, my lips are plump in the mornings and then seem to deflate by 2pm. Should this be happening? (Photo)

I had Juvederm injected in my top lip to add a bit of volume. Now 8 days after treatment my bruising has gone and in the mornings my lips are more... READ MORE

Is it possible for lip fillers to burst out?

Ive just gotten juvaderm lip fillers yesterday and today while eating ive noticed a small amout of jelly like substance on my food and one of the... READ MORE

Lumps and hollows after Juvederm. Any suggestions? (photos)

Had juvederm injected 2 days ago to tear troughs, I look haggard! Have lumps on eyes and skin on cheeks and eyes looks deflated! My doc reassures me... READ MORE

Got Juvederm xl 6 days ago. Looks awesome! But now they look a little bit deflated. Any suggestions?

Worried that I could have flattened them by rubbing my lips together...been doing that alot!!! Using lots of balm and salves to counteract dryness too... READ MORE

Would I need to have juvederm topped up after 12 months?

Would you need to get it topped up after 12 months ? if not does your natural lip sag? or deflate ? do your lips go back to the way they where before... READ MORE

If you discontinue the use of Juvederm to plump lips, will lips become more deflated than original pre-injected lip size?

If someone (female, 26) gets juvaderm filler in their lips for a slightly more plump look, for a while, but then stops, ...will the lips look wrinkly,... READ MORE

Deflated Juvederm lip injections

My lips were injected during TT and lipo procedure on 5/22/15. Lips hurt like heck for 4 days and were completely deflated by 5th day and I never saw... READ MORE

Results after Juvederm XC ultra plus. Any suggestions?

I had juvederm xc ultra plus on my chin and nasolabial, and after a week it looks pretty deflated I understand after having a filler injection of any... READ MORE

Had Juvaderm injected in my lips 10 days ago, today my lips have completely gone back to how they were. What's happened? (photo)

I had 1ml of juvaderm ultra injected in my lips 10 days ago and today its like I never had any filler at all! I can feel its all gone yesterday they... READ MORE

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