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What is Juvederm?

I read that juvederm filler is a good wrinkle treatment. does juvederm work in other ways? what is it best for? READ MORE

Juvederm for the Jaw?

Can juvederm be used in the jaw to add definition like a jaw implant? READ MORE

Can Perlane or Juvederm Ultra Plus Be Used to Lift, Define and Add Volume to the Lower Face?

Can Perlane or Juvaderm Ultra Plus be used to lift, define and add volumn to the lower face/jaw line with good results or is Radiesse or Sculptra a... READ MORE

Less Cheekbone Definition After Juvederm?

I have an appointment for the filling of mild nasiolabial folds. I am told that one unit will be the maximum needed. My worry is that my high cheek... READ MORE

Will it be enough - half a syringe of Juvederm. (photo)

I am getting juvederm injections.. I'm going with half a syringe.. I want volume on my top lip more than my bottom, I also want my top Lip to be have... READ MORE

What Would Be Best Option for Smile Lines, Symmetry and Cheek Definition?

I have smile lines on both sides of my mouth with the left side much more prominent. Its very visible and it cause non symmetry to my face. I did have... READ MORE

Is one syringe of Juvederm Ultra Plus enough to get a more defined tip and nose bridge? (Photo)

I have a very typically ethnic Asian nose and it's extremely flat with a barely existent bridge. I'm not looking for crazy results but I do want a... READ MORE

White lips after Juvederm,is it normal? Would you use Juvederm around the lips instead of into it? (photos)

I was concerned about vertical lines around my mouth and my thin lips. I had 1 syringe of Juvedern ultra injected around the lips using a canula. He... READ MORE

How much Juvederm would I need? (Photo)

I want big lips. Not like Lisa Rinna but more like Kylie Jenner (I know I know). The rest of my face is pretty big and I have defined features all... READ MORE

I am thinking of getting Juvederm for my lips to plump them up a tiny bit and define. I do not want duck lips. (Photo)

I've read that long lip and injections along the lip boarder will give that undesired look of a duck. Do I have a long lip? Any other tips? I am going... READ MORE

Can juvederm filler enhance nasal tip and give nose more definition? (photos)

I want to go for non surgical rhinoplasty, I was suggested juvederma filler for raising the nasal tip and giving nose more definition by shirinking?... READ MORE

Juvederm or volbella? Much needed help with lip filler options. (photo)

So I am looking into getting lip fillers, to get that perfect pout. While I want my lips to appear more full and defined and I also want my asymmetry... READ MORE

Are there any doctors in the NYC area who inject .5 cc syringes of juvederm or restylane in the lip area?

I just want it to fill in lip lines and slightly define the lips, not plump them. READ MORE

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