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Removing Discoloration After Juvederm Injection on Darker Skin?

Hello, I received a Juvederm injection under my eyes 3 weeks ago. One week later, I noted a perpetual blue-brown pooling/circle like ring around one... READ MORE

Would Juvederm Help My Dark and Puffy "Bags"?

Hi there, Wondering if Juvederm would be best to go for, I would like my under eye area less "baggy" as it is dark and puffy and ages me. If... READ MORE

Will Juvederm Ultra Plus Cause Hyperpigmented Marks?

If I am prone to hyperpigmentation, will Juvederm Ultra Plus leave dark marks on my skin? I have had hyperpigmentation problems from laser treatments... READ MORE

How much tear trough filler? (photos)

I had 2 treatments of tear trough fillers (juvederm) and Im severelu unhappy w the results~ i still have the indentations AND under my eyes still... READ MORE

Darker undereyes, is this hemosiderin or tyndall after juvederm in tear trough? (photos)

I had juvederm injected into my tear trough via a blunt cannula about 2.5 months ago. I did not experience bruising but I see darker lines right where... READ MORE

How can I fix the dark lines that curve down from my lips? I am willing to try anything it's a huge insecurity. (Photo)

I used to think it was hyper pigmentation from eczema when i was younger but after years of bleaching creams like tri-luma and meladerm as well as... READ MORE

Juvederm in my lips; Why does it look just puffy around not in lips? Now it looks like a dark shadow above top lip? (Photo)

Why does it look just puffy around not in lips. Now it looks like a dark shadow above top lip. READ MORE

Is my skin damaged permanently? (photos)

I had juviderm injected into my cheecks a year ago ,it was too big two weeks after i went back to my plastic surgeon to dissolve it since then my skin... READ MORE

Juvederm swelling 4 years post-op, why is this happening? (Photos)

Hi, i had juvederm injected into my tear troughs over 4 years ago. On one side only, there is persistent redness and a swollen lump. The lump is in... READ MORE

Restalyne / Juvederm overfill? (Photos)

Three weeks ago a doctor completely messed my eyes up with juvederm and restalyne. i went back a week later and the head of the clinic tried to... READ MORE

I had dermal filler HA 2 days ago to naso labial fold. (photo)

I had dermal filler HA to my nasolabial folds 2 days ago, the injector is experienced and aspirated prior to each injection, there were no problems.... READ MORE

What to do next for bad Juvederm, then 5 rounds of hyaluronidase, then Restylane to cover up problems. (Photo)

I had juvederm filled under my eyes about 5 months ago and it has been a nightmare ever since. Yes, I now know it's not for under eyes. I had 5 rounds... READ MORE

Juvederm in nasiofolds - Had juvederm in nasiofolds right after the injection it bled inside.

 I thought it was a bruise but it never went from purple to yellow like a bruise it just got lighter now its 4 weeks later and it looks dark in... READ MORE

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