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Can Radiesse and Juvederm React Badly when Placed in the Same Spot?

Would like to know if juvaderm and radiesse would interact badly if they were injected into the same plane. If by accident this happened because I... READ MORE

I am prone to cold sores. If I get Juvederm in upper lip, could it trigger cold sores, and would it be dangerous?

I am prone to cold sores, if I get juvviderm in my upper lip, could it trigger cold sores. And would it be dangerous and how would it be treated? READ MORE

Will I be in any danger riding roller coasters after Juvederm and Voluma injections to the cheeks?

Hi, I'm planning to take my daughter to kings island amusement park on July 12th and just had voluma injected yesterday June 25th. Will I be in any... READ MORE

Juvederm has migrated to my neck and spine from my cheeks. Is this dangerous?

Juvederm has migrated to my neck and spine, I can hear the squelching sound when I move my neck and the back and it is definitely it as its the exact... READ MORE

Is it dangerous to get Juvederm injected in lips after/during a minor Crohn's flare?

My flare is currently under control. I was wondering if I could get Juvederm done. READ MORE

Plastic surgeon augmented my lips with a mixture of juvederm and silicone - worried. (photo)

Now I am worried about the future with the silicone. After reading assessments on silicone I am worried. Any suggestions for me and does mixing... READ MORE

Bit deep into my lip with Juvederm. Will I heal and how dangerous is it with the Juvederm?

I bit my lip the other, it's really deep. Seven days after nothing improved. I've been in a lot of pain. I got antibiotics two days ago and Orajel... READ MORE

Is this tyndall effect? Juvederm filler on the bridge of my nose (Photo)

I have a question regarding my filler. So i had this filler with qualified doctor who used to do filler for me for about 2 years. But i never had some... READ MORE

Is it OK to get Juvederm so soon after Restylane Silk?

I had Restylane Silk injected in my lips in early October. At 2.5 months later, the effects seem to be almost non-existent, so I want to try Juvederm... READ MORE

How far can we use Juvederm under the eyes? Does is reach the areas close to the tears ducts? (photos)

So 2 years ago I posted pictures of my under eye area. I am 20 years old now and I was told that my lines were dehydrations lines. I use an eye cream... READ MORE

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