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Juvederm in Lips 2 Wks Ago. Why So Horribly Disfigured?

I put a before & after photo. wanted to see if juvederm in center of bottom lip would help lips close. he put in bottom and supposedly balanced... READ MORE

Horrible Juvederm/Hyaluronidaise Experience, Only 19 Years Old, Permanently Destroyed my Lips?

5 wks ago 0.8cc Juvederm ultra plus 4 wks 0.6cc Juv. (trying to even it) 3 wks 0.2cc hyaluronidaise 2 wks 0.4cc Juv. (to even it, fear hyalur. would... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Cause Permanent Damage? How to Remove from an Area That Was Not Supposed to Be Applied?

I just got juvederm, and I can't look at myself in the mirror. I understand that it's still swollen, but I’m concerned that he injected it where was n... READ MORE

Could my lips have permanent damage from juvederm ultra? (Photo)

I had one syringe injected in my lips by a spa technician almost four months ago. I did some massaging the first 2 days as my lips were very lumpy. My... READ MORE

Juvederm Removal with Hyaluronidase Injections?

Can the injection deplete natural collegen? READ MORE

Juvederm bruising or blood vessel damage? (Photo)

I had juvederm xc injected in my lips 6 days ago and have a bruise that popped up 2 days after and not in the injection area. I'm also very bruised... READ MORE

Got Hit in Cheek After Receiving Filler 34hrs Ago?

I had filler for my cheeks 34 hr ago , and this morning i got hit by door accidentally, is there any possibility tht my filler changed in position? READ MORE

Lips/philtrum forever ruined with Juvederm? 3 days ago lip fillers in philtrum injected, scarring possible? (Photo)

Hello, I have asked the same question one day ago. This time I am providing better photos. My philtrum looks red and wide after Juvederm Ultra Smile... READ MORE

Severe Reaction to Juvederm, What Can I do?

I have now been suffering for 6 months with severe neorological symptoms associated with juvederm ultra2 it has caused corrosion of both of my corneas... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Problems Retaining Facial Dermal Fillers After Hyalase Injections?

I've been having facial fillers (juvederm) over 5.5 years & until 3 years ago was happy with this & how it lasted. 1.5 yrs ago I had a bad... READ MORE

Blocked Blood Vessel - can I ever get injections again?

The last few years I received many juvederm injections (at a well respected plastic surgeons office) in my nasolabial folds, with no problems.... READ MORE

Is it normal to have throbbing and heat sensation after a Juvederm lip injection? (photos)

I've never had this happen before. I'm terrified. My lip feels like it wants to explode. It's sore to the touch. Would an emergency room carry the... READ MORE

How to fix hollow eyes and damage done with Juvederm in my tear trough?

I have very hollow eyes and as I have gotten older they have gotten worse. I had Juvederm put under my eyes for hollow eyes and dark circles about 3... READ MORE

Can Juvederm or other HA fillers cause permenant damage to the vermilion border? (Photo)

I had my lips done a bit too much throughout 2014 and I noticed a bump above my top left lip at the corner. I had this dissolved then waited 3 months... READ MORE

Does Vitrase do more damage to skin and does it dissolve Juvederm evenly? (Photo)

Juvederm and botox 3 weeks ago my face has changed so much under eyes are indentation and dark I'm not happy READ MORE

Why did filler only work in 1 eye? Will more filler cause damage? (Photo)

Two weeks ago I had Juvederm, 1/2ml under each eye, to reduce the dark circles. My right eye looks great by my left eye bruised really badly and then,... READ MORE

Can Juvederm under eye cause permanent bags even after vitrase? Is there another option if it didn't work? (photo)

I had juvederm placed under my eyes 3 1/2 months ago. Immediately after, I had a large bulge under my L eye that looked like a bag. 2 1/2 mo. after, I... READ MORE

Massaging 24 hours after Juvederm caused bruising one one side and swelling on the other - is it possible I damaged the filler?

I got my lips done at 10:30am yesterday. Minor swelling and no bruising, until 3pm today (over 24 hours later) when I noticed some lumps and attempted... READ MORE

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