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Average Cost for Juvederm with Botox?

I had Juvederm injections in my lips (mostly upper lip) and Botox on my forehead and crow's feet area. My doctor used two syringes of Juvederm and 60... READ MORE

Juvederm for Crow's Feet?

Can Juvederm be injected in the area surrounding the eyes: crow feet lines? READ MORE

Would Having Juvederm, or Another Filler, Injected into the Upper Cheeks Take Care of These Wrinkles?

Tried Botox to take care of wrinkles (animated, they only appear when smiling and almost completely vanish when tface is still). Loved what the Botox... READ MORE

Should any certified staff member at a Med-Spa give Juvederm injections?

Do other traditional skin rejuvenation procedures work just as well? What Are the Advantages of Juvederm for Crow's Feet? READ MORE

Applying Pressure on Juvederm Immediately Following Injection?

I had a juvederm injection in my cheeks followed immediately by a Botox injection for my crow's feet. The nurse asked me to put pressure on the botox... READ MORE

Does Juvederm Help Lines in Eye Corners?

What about juvederm for lines in corner eyes? READ MORE

Can my Juvederm Voluma results be dissolved and corrected with hyaluronidase? (photos)

I'd appreciate an opinion on my face. I've had Radiesse & Voluma performed by a board-certified MD and a facial plastic surgeon and was thrilled with... READ MORE

Who's the best doctor in San Diego for face fillers? I'm thinking Juviderm and Botox. I'm 24 and seeing crows feet etc

I have crows feet and my eye have this permanent dent under my eyes kind of like a line and I know I need a filler for that . Who do you reccomend I... READ MORE

juvederm filler under eye any advice? (photos)

Recently got botox around crowsfeet and bunnyline. and now i got weird lines next to my nose between nasolabial folds and tear trough when i laugh or... READ MORE

Botox and Juvederm for deeper laugh lines, what would you suggest? (Photos)

I had Botox for the 1st time in my forehead. I am happy with it so far. I will be going back in 2 weeks to get Botox in crows feet and juvaderm for... READ MORE

What is the right treatment plan for my bags and crows feet? (Photo)

I am a fit and healthy 30 year old female. I have tried all home remedies, facials. Expensive eye creams, Microdermabrasion, adjusting my sleep and... READ MORE

Problems with overfilled undereye area. What should I do?

I had juverderm injected under eye on 4th december, along with botox for crows feet. I had to go back 4th january for a small top up to tear trough... READ MORE

How much does Juvederm/botox for nasolabial folds, crows feet cost, and how long does it take?

Can these 2 be combined? If so how long does it take to recover or can it be 2-3 days it can be visually ascertained that it works? Thanks READ MORE

Crows feet after tear trough Juvederm filler?

I had juvederm under eyes which I regret. I should have used Restylane or Belotero but my Plastic Surgeon said Juvederm would be fine. Well it wasn't... READ MORE

Botox after Juvederm in the same area?

I treated my 11 lines with juvederm yesterday and tomorrow going to do a botox on the forehead, frown lines and crows feet. Can I have a botox in my... READ MORE

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