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How Much Does Juvederm Cost?

What is the Cost of Juvederm? Are Juvederm injection prices expensive? READ MORE

Cost to Dissolve Juvederm Same As Juvederm Injections?

I want to dissolve Juvederm from top of my mouth. Does it cost as much to remove Juvederm as it does to inject Juvederm? I have too much on my left... READ MORE

Juvederm Vs Radiesse

I'm very interested in a volumizing filler around my jawline and still deciding between the two. I was told over the phone that Juvederm can last 6-12... READ MORE

What's the Average Price of Juvederm Per Syringe?

Average fees for Juvederm in Philadelphia area is listed on this site as $500. Is this fee for 1 syringe (1.8) or 2 syringes? Please clarify this data. READ MORE

Will Juvederm Last Longer Than Radiance?

What's the difference between Juvederm, Restylane and Radiance? I have had a few injections of the Radiance (4 times) and it did not last more than 3... READ MORE

Is Local Anesthesia Necessary for Juvederm Injections?

How much is Juvederm and how long does it last? Does the needle feel like you're getting a regular injection? Is there any local anesthesia? READ MORE

If my Doctor Saves my Leftover Juvederm Vial, Do I Have to Pay for my Next Injection?

I bought a vial of Juverdem in July, I had about a quater of a vial left, went back in August and after the procedure was told it was another $150.00... READ MORE

Juvederm Removal Cost?

How much does it cost to have Juvederm removed from just your top lip? READ MORE

Juvederm cleft chin injections. How long will it last?

I had a pretty deep cleft chin, there wasn't a dimple but more of a dent. I had injections of juvederm to get it less noticible and it's been about 3... READ MORE

Should I Get a Juvederm Injected to my Lips?

So this is my sad story.. I have an underbite.. and I cant have surgery because its superrrr expensive. I have very low self-esteem because of that... READ MORE

Juvederm cost? (photo)

I'm 39. I want to get juvederm in the creases that go from the sides of my nose down around my mouth and I want it in my top lip. How much would that... READ MORE

Juvederm Cost in Columbia, SC Area?

How much would Juvederm cost if it can be injected in the ball of the foot in Comlumbia, SC? READ MORE

Juvederm for $450 in South Houston Tx?

I would like to know if I can find a clinic where I can get juvederm for $450.00 in south houston texas? I need to make the appointment for next week.... READ MORE

Do I Have to Buy More Than One Syringe to Use the Juvederm Coupon?

I heard about the new Juvederm coupon but will I have to buy more than one syringe to use it? Is there a minimum purchase requirement? READ MORE

How many syringes of Juvederm do I need to get my chin in its place?

My chin needs to come forward a lot, I just want to know how many syringes, and also about the price how much will it be? READ MORE

Is Juvederm Available in Las Vegas?

Is Juvederm available in Las Vegas and how much is it? I'm looking to have my nasolabial forlds, under eyes, and prune mouth treated. READ MORE

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