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Juvederm or Restylane for undereye bags? I read somewhere that Juvederm may cause discoloration.

I would like to have my undereye bags corrected. Is it better to choose Juvederm or Restylane? I read somewhere that Juvederm may cause discoloration.... READ MORE

Can I correct the discoloration that Juvederm caused when placed in my acne, atrophy from cortisone? (photos)

I had cortisone injections 2 months ago that left me with dents. I had them filled with juvederm and one has turned blue with what looks a doughnut... READ MORE

New lines at corner of mouth after Juvederm (Photo)

Since having lip fillers I have two new vertical lines at the corners of my mouth (one on each side) inside my normal smile dimples. It has been one... READ MORE

Only got filler in vermillion border, now my lips look like a fish. (photos)

I'm 39 and looking to recapture volume that was lost. I let my injector do what she thought was best. She only injected the vermillion border of top... READ MORE

Need Support for Wrongly Done Juvederm? (photo)

I already had Juvederm four months ago, which was done shoddily and I never like it. Now when I went for correction today which turned out to be this.... READ MORE

I injected the eye troughs with Juvederm about a week ago. Is there any suggestion how to correct this? (photos)

The right side we got some brusing. However, instead of being smooth it looks like it is two clumps under the eye. I did stay on the rim and use a... READ MORE

How to correct bad Juverderm injections over 3 years ago? (Photo)

I am usually pretty intelligent until a momentary lapse In Judgement resulted in me agreeing that my dentist fill the hollows of my eyes, laugh lines... READ MORE

Questionable use of Juvederm. Is it normal to use an entire syringe for a slight touch up?

Was at the medspa where I'd received fillers days prior. Person that does fillers offered to make a slight correction. I did not pay for this. I am... READ MORE

Juvaderm in nasolabial folds was not injected deep enough and is also uneven

I got a syringe of juvaderm in my nasolabial folds last week. I now have on big fat lump by my right cheek/nose area which I'm not sure should even be... READ MORE

Juvederm lip injection 1 week ago, looks like duck lips, how can I fix this? (photos)

I had my lips injected a week ago with Juvederm. The way my doctor did it kinda bothering me now. My bottom lip looks ok but the top looks like a duck... READ MORE

Juvederm vs Restylane?

Hello, I recently had restyled underneath my eyes, love the results however one eye is more full. I also need slight correction of lower light lip... READ MORE

Juvederm under my eyes almost a month ago. Now developed a dark spot under one eye. How to correct? (photo)

When I was injected, she was concerned that one eye seemed like it was going to bruise/swell more than the other. There is now a dark spot under my... READ MORE

Overfilled juvederm moved up to eyes.

It was injected in my cheeks and nasal fold and moved up to my eyes. Lumps and bumps all over. Had 2 corrections from another dr bc the original dr... READ MORE

Overfilled with juvederm - terrible lumps, burning, itching.

I had juvederm done on Marc 10 and it came out terrible lumps and uneven burning and itchy. I looked terrible. My nasal folds up to my eyes are like a... READ MORE

Was this done correctly? Nasolabial folds/lips filled with Juvederm? (Photos)

Left is the before, and the right is after. I can't notice a difference in my lips and the right side of my lips seem slightly bigger than the left? I... READ MORE

I'm impatient and I look deformed. Can I get my lips refilled or corrected with juverderm again? (photos)

Its been two days and the swelling went away . I can feel where the fillers are in my lips.. Does this look like uneven fillers done?? Someone please... READ MORE

4 month after dissolving Juvederm I still look browsed. What can I do to correct this? (photos)

My injection was so bad I dissolved it, but it still look so bad, the area under the eyes are very dark. What can I do to correct this? I have used... READ MORE

Juvederm duck lips correction? (Photos)

I had my lips injected a month ago now with Juvederm. Not much change there since my bottom lip looks ok but the top looks like a duck lip. Doctor... READ MORE

Juvederm bumpy lip fillers - How can I correct this? (Photos)

I've had the same doctor for the last 2 years doing lip filler. This time ( 2.5 weeks ago) something went wrong.. my lips are so bumpy and look terrible. READ MORE

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