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I Had Juvederm 2 Days Ago Around the Corners of my Mouth and Saliva is Pooling in Corners of my Mouth. Will This Go Away?

I Had Juvederm 2 Days Ago Around the Corners of my Mouth and Saliva is Pooling in Corners of my Mouth.   Will This Go Away? READ MORE

Used Juvaderm to Remove Browlines and Sunken Undereye?

I did it to improve my frown lines and sunken under eye. I went to a proper plastic surgeon and he suggested juvaderm. While doing the procedure he... READ MORE

I had lip injections 2 weeks ago and developed cracks in the corners of my mouth at injection site.

I had lip injections (Juvederm) 2 weeks ago and developed cracks/cuts in the corners of my mouth where she inserted the needle for some of the... READ MORE

Two days ago I had Juvederm injected in my lips and I noticed a lump near the right corner of my bottom lip; is this normal?

It's important to note that the lump is surrounded by a hint of bluish tint. And just below the lump, right on the bottom lip line, there is a bruise.... READ MORE

Juvederm for nasolabial folds and the downturned corners, but seemingly no result. Deep lines still there. Is this normal?

Today I had Juvederm injected into my nasolabial folds and lower corners of my mouth. Was told I'd only need one syringe. I thought I'd see instant... READ MORE

Would Juvederm or restylane be a good filler for me? (Photo)

I am 33 and am starting to notice the beginnings of hollows under my eyes and turn down around the corners of my mouth. I would like to correct these... READ MORE

Can I raise one corner of my mouth with Juvederm? (photos)

I have asymmetry in my face where I have one dimple on only one side and that corner of my mouth is fine, it raises like normal and I like it. The... READ MORE

Juvederm injections in the chin?

I recently had a consult at a PS office regarding Juvederm injections for an aging face (I'm in my mid-40s). One of the places she recommended was... READ MORE

I received Juvederm Ultra to correct the downturned corners of my mouth. They are still downturned. What can I do? (Photo)

I received Juvederm Ultra 3 two weeks ago as recommended by my dermatologist for the corners of my mouth, Depressor Anguli Oris. I bought a full... READ MORE

How much of juvaderm I need to enhance corners of my lips? (photo)

I would like to only enhance my lips so that they still look natural. How much of juvaderm I should put in? My lips are full but sometimes the corners... READ MORE

Should there be lumps 10 days after having juvederm injected? (Photo)

I had juvaderm injected into the sides of my mouth to address my down turned mouth. However, 10 days later the corners of my mouth look odd with an... READ MORE

Overfilled around corner of mouth, causing unnatural smile after nasolabial filler. I don't want to dissolve NLF filler? (Photo)

Is it possible to remove the overfilled area around the corner of the mouth only without causing more unnatural smile? The filler is Juvederm uktra... READ MORE

I have Juvederm injected at the corners of my mouth.Now I have folds that weren't there before injection. Any suggestion?(photo)

The folds were not there before jevederm. The nurse afyer a week injected the stuff that dissolves the product and it did not work. Please help READ MORE

Juvederm in lip corners (lack of). Dip in corners of mouth. Does this look bad, or is it common? (photos)

I had half of a syrenge of Jevederm ultra plus 3 days ago (.3 on bottom; .2 on top) for slight volume. She didn't inject any into the corners. Do you... READ MORE

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