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Complications After Juvederm to Tear Troughs? (photo)

Had a little juvederm injected tear troughs a week ago. (Board certified plastic surgeon) It's different each day: tear troughs gone, raised areas w/... READ MORE

Is It Tyndall Effect or Natural Pigmentation of my Skin? (photo)

I had juvederm injected under my eyes 10 days ago. only a very slight oedem which resolved the day after. But I see that my skin is bluish, so I'm... READ MORE

Severe Symptoms 11 Months After Juvederm?

Hi I am posting again after 11 months as no one can offer any advice as to why I am still suffering these severe debilitating symptoms from juvederm... READ MORE

What is this white line under skin following Juvederm complication?

I had juvederm dissolved following complications and now i have a long white line under my skin in the nasolabial fold. Is this normal READ MORE

Severe Brain Complications After Migration of Juvederm Ultra 2. What Now?

After almost 7 months after having juvederm ultra 2 injected into glabella area,i am so ill from severe brain complications from juvederm migrating... READ MORE

Problem with Juverderm and Hyaluronidas

I had juverderm injected 4 month before on february on my nasolabial and on my only wrinkle on my lips,it was really bad,the dermatologist injected... READ MORE

Is Juvederm or other fillers safe to use while pregnant?

I'm thinking about having my lips augmented with Juvederm and I'm wondering if there are any complications with it if I were to become pregnant. READ MORE

How quickly after Juvederm injection into the glabella single line would i know it went into a vein/artery?

Hi all! I had 1 syringe of Juvederm injected today, over 15 hrs ago, ( 2 weeks earlier botox) into my 1 middle vertical line to smooth it out some... READ MORE

What is this line under skin? (photos)

I had nasolabial juvederm dissolved following complications. What is this white line in the fold of skin? READ MORE

I want to have Juvederm fillers for my chin area, are they safe?

I would like to get juvaderm fillers done to my chin area where I have a double chin, is this the right type for chin area to fill it in and can they... READ MORE

Got Juvederm to lips & got complications. Been 5 months & received filler remover many times. Will my lips be normal? (photo)

I had juviderm injected to certain areas including lips. My lips became opposite of what I asked. It became lumpy huge and dis colored. I've received... READ MORE

Lip fillers before a vacation, is this safe?

Hello! I'm planning to get Juverdem lip fillers on the day before I go to my vacation, which involves sea and sun, so I was wondering is this... READ MORE

Overfilled juvederm moved up to eyes.

It was injected in my cheeks and nasal fold and moved up to my eyes. Lumps and bumps all over. Had 2 corrections from another dr bc the original dr... READ MORE

Juvederm complications (Photo)

It's been 9.5 days since my initial Juvederm injection (1syringe). Erythema has subsided, but there's still a visible reticular pattern. Also, the... READ MORE

A doctor injected juvaderm voluma on my nose. Should I be concerned about complications?

Juvaderm voluma was injected into my nose by a doctor a month after my rhinoplasty because my nose was extremely narrow. My rhinoplasty was dec 2013... READ MORE

Is this normal swelling after Juvederm or do I need to see my board certified dermatologist right away? (photos)

I got .5 syringe Juvederm in the outer corners of my upper lip. At 5 hrs post treatment one side of my lip swelled up substantially more than the... READ MORE

Should I get second opinion on juvederm nose complication or should I wait for advise for it to return to normal? (Photos)

I have juvederm ultra 3, 0.3ml in right alar nose 3 months ago. I had swelling which subsided in few days but still a dramatic change in volume for a... READ MORE

Can you receive Juvederm injections in the lips while taking Accutane?

Will accutane cause complications for the lip injections? Any thinning of the blood, bruising complications, etc.? I've been on accutane for a week. READ MORE

Follow-Up: Juvederm injection in nose, possible complications other than necrosis or blindness? (photo)

I had Juvederm injected in the top left part of bridge. On July 13 I only had a small bruise in the area that lasted longer than normal I believe. I... READ MORE

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