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How Long After Juvederm Should I Wait Before Having Other Facial Treatments?

How long after having Juvederm can one have IPL, Chemical Peel or Microdermabrasion without it effecting the juvederm? Thanks READ MORE

Juvederm Injection for Naso Labial While on Accutane?

I will soon start accutane, but I have 2 lines on the side of my mouth that appear when I laugh, is it dangerous to have juvederm injection if I am on... READ MORE

Can Cortisone, Peels, or Microdermabrasion Affect Juvederm?

Can cortisone injections, chemical peels, or microdermabrasion move Juvederm around or speed up its break down? Are there are other common cosmetic... READ MORE

Dental Work After Juvederm in Lips?

I Had Juvederm Put in my Lips a Week Ago.Now I Have Some Dental Work That Needs Too Be Done,about 2hours.Any Concerns to Have? READ MORE

Can Sculptra and Juvaderm Be Injected in Face on Different Locations?

My doctor told me that i can't be injected now with sculptra because i have been recently injected with Juvederm. My doctor told i have to wait... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Be Placed in an Area That Has Had Sculptra in It?

I had sculptra placed in my "smile" lines earlier in the year (10 Mo. ago). The fix is subtle, and I did not like waiting so long just to... READ MORE

Can Radiesse and Juvederm React Badly when Placed in the Same Spot?

Would like to know if juvaderm and radiesse would interact badly if they were injected into the same plane. If by accident this happened because I... READ MORE

If I Go to the Dentist and They Stretch my Mouth for a Long Time Will I Lose the Juvederm?

Like for a root canal. Just wondering if the rubber dam thing would effect my juviderm lips. READ MORE

I am Using Roaccutane 20 Mg Tablets Since 20 Days (1x2), Can I Have Epidermal Filler (Juvederm) Under my Eyes?

I am Using Roaccutane 20 Mg Tablets Since 20 Days (1x2), Can I Have Epidermal Filler (Juvederm) Under my Eyes? READ MORE

Should I Wait Until I Finish Electrolysis on my Upper Lip Before Having Juvederm Injections?

Should I Wait Until I Finish Electrolysis on my Upper Lip Before Having Juvederm Injections? READ MORE

Is Lightsheer Diode Laser Hair Removal Safe After Juvederm Injection?

I can nowhere find information if i can safely have lightsheer diode laser hair removal treatments, if i've had juvederm in the same location. READ MORE

Is It Ok To Get Juvederm over Fat Grafting To Add Additional Volume?

I had fat grafting on my cheeks three months ago. Is it all right to have Juvederm injected over this area? I would like a little more volume. My... READ MORE

Juvederm and Ematrix?

I got juvederm to make my lips look fuller nd a little more shaped, about 10 days after I got juvederm I got a ematrix treatment... Does this effect... READ MORE

Is it normal or okay to have Juvederm mixed with saline injected under your eyes?

I was injected with a juvederm/saline mixture, "to make it smoother" under my eyes. Is this okay? I'm 31. READ MORE

Can I Do Juvederm Immediately After Ulthera Treatment?

3 weeks ago I had Ulthera that was followed by Juvederm on upper cheeks and under eyes. Now my right cheek has lump which is noticable and my right... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Be Used to Fill in Radiesse Lumps Under Eyes?

Hi! 17 days ago I had another injection of Radiesse under my left orbital rim and upper cheekbone - a small amount - to fill in a slight unevenness... READ MORE

Juvederm Appointment Tomorrow, Possible Drug Interaction?

I've had Juvederm twice in the past for my nasal labial folds and tomorrow I've decided to have my upper lip filled a bit so that I don't... READ MORE

Can I Get Juvederm Injected if I Currently Have Perlane?

Hello :) Recently I was injected with perlane in my lips and restylane in my nasolabial folds. Im not satisfied, and would like to possibly be touched... READ MORE

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