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Juvederm Removal with Hyaluronidase Injections?

Can the injection deplete natural collegen? READ MORE

If you get Juvederm injections, does any of it stay in your lips after the 12 month period?

Or do your lips just go back to where they were? I heard someone say that when she got Juvederm, her lips weren't sucked dry after they dissolved,... READ MORE

Did I have necrosis? Am I being paranoid? Did I loose any natural collagen in my lip border/body by having fillers? (Photo)

I had some bruising after my lips fillers. The doctor used a HA based filler and told me there may be brusing. I worried I may have had necrosis.... READ MORE

8mo Posts Juvederm, Eyes Get Bluish/Lumpy; Cipla Vita C Okay for Lightening?

1)after 8 months of Juvederma treatment,why eyes get bluish and lumpy. 2)for lightning should we use Cipla 's Vitamin c sirum, or RF treatment..... READ MORE

Does Juvederm promote natural collagen production (lips)?

Hi there! I decided to book myself in for Juvederm .5ml (as I thought I'd start small - being a first-timer!). In your expert opinion, with... READ MORE

Was my dermatologist fraudulent?

I went to a dermatologist about my acne scars, she told me juviderm would fill them. I never saw the juviderm box or needle, she injected my face... READ MORE

11 days post Juvederm injection in tear trough. One side needs more and I can see the line down my cheek still. (photo)

I called my doc office and I was told to wait another week. This Friday will be 2 weeks post injection. I was advised that I am still healing and the... READ MORE

Collagen loss help? (photo)

I'm only 29 years old and my skin looks like this. It's droopy, wrinkly, and very porous. What will help this? Do I need a face lift? I'm scared what... READ MORE

When the Juvederm dissolves, will it take away the brown tinted lines under my eyes on my cheeks? (Photo)

Juvederm voluma should take 2 years to dissolve. I'm disfigured. Had a bad bruise and now after a few months it left a permanent brown mark on my... READ MORE

Why has Juvederm not dissolved in 24 months? My body created its own collagen. It created a crease. Will this go away? (Photo)

Need advice on how to proceed. Waiting for juvederm to dissolve, or out of luck because my body produced its own collagen. READ MORE

Can injecting Juvederm or other dermal filler help improving the appearance of deep acne scars on my forehead? (photos)

I tried C02 laser and collagen mesotherapy but did not see any results.Can I expect improving of the scars from injecting dermal filler?Thank you. READ MORE

Removed Juvederm with hyaluronidase; can this cause neo-collagenization in the face?

I had 1 ml Juvederm Voluma in the cheek, nasolabial area in April, and 1 ml Juvederm Volift same area in May. I did not like it and went back in June... READ MORE

Can juvaderm provide permanent fullness to nose through collagen production?

Hi, if I get repeat injections of juvaderm for years in my nose to add slight augmentation/fullness, is there a chance that juvaderm can create enough... READ MORE

Juvederm done over 18 months ago and the product is still there. Should I worry?

I've had Juvederm injected in my lips, nasolabial folds (twice) and under the eyes in the tearthrough area. My Dr. is a board certified plastic... READ MORE

Juvederm injection moved and it's not going away. It has been 20 months. Is this formation of new collagen? Will this go away?

I had a Juvederm injections in my nasal folds about 20 months ago. One side moved higher probably due to smiling. Is the lump that I see a formation... READ MORE

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