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Juvederm lip injections: Lips are bruised and swollen (Photo)

I had juvederm lip injections on Thursday. Today(Sunday) my lips are still painfully sore and skin is chapped and broken on lips. The bruise is also... READ MORE

My lips are always chapped, but I want to get Juvederm, will this make my chapped lips worse?

I tend to mouth breath due to having a very narrow nasal passage, which leads to my lips always being chapped and shedding skin. I want to enhance my... READ MORE

Can I get Juvederm if I have chronically chapped lips?

I got off Accutane 8 years ago. Since then I have had chronically chapped lips. I apply Aquaphor 3-4 times/day. I would love to get Juvaderm to create... READ MORE

I had Juvederm lip injections 4 days ago and one side of my bottom lip is very painful with some bruising. Is this normal?

I had both lips done and pain on upper lip is almost gone and there was almost no bruising. Bottom lip has some bruising left but one side of bottom... READ MORE

Lip fillers (photo)

I got my lips done 5 days ago now and the doctor used juverderm, my lips are still very swollen they have a lot of bruises are red I also have now... READ MORE

Can Fordyce Spots after Juvaderm lead to chapped lips? Severe Chapped lips...DESPERATE FOR HELP AND ANSWERS :-(

I had 0.5 syringe of Juvaderm Ultra 3 months ago, have since developed chapped lips that have gone from mild to severe (the last month being... READ MORE

I had lip fillers 6 months ago and dumb me sucked on lip plumper. (photo)

I had 1 cc juvederm my lips look purple and white and chapped how long will this last?what can help they feel sore and now I'm paranoid READ MORE

Cracked sore lips after Juvaderm Ultra. What can I do?

Hi, I had Juvaderm Ultra (half syringe) approx. 2 months ago - v happy with the results however about a week and half after having the work, my lips... READ MORE

I had juvederm 6 months ago and I bought a lip plumper that caused me chapped and bruised lips. (photos)

Yes,I know dumb me I threw it away my ? When I first got juvederm 1/2 in sep 1/2 in October my lips were chapped,bruised and felt stretched my lips... READ MORE

Lip injections were done a week ago. Wondering if the circled bump is from the Juvederm Ultra or if it's chapped skin? (photo)

I have this hard almost white spot in the center of my top lip. Under the Cupid's bow. I'm not sure if it's a weird part of chapped skin (if so how... READ MORE

Severe chapped lips - Reaction to Juvedem - Has anyone removed Juvederm or had it removed? Will it help? (Photo)

Had 0.5 3 mths ago, 2 wk after started chapped lips –nothing helped. I went back to the practitioner and also dr. As lips got worse tried antiviral c... READ MORE

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