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How Many Cc's Are in a Juvederm Syringe?

Are there usually more than two tablespoons in a Juvederm syringe? Thanks. READ MORE

How soon after my first set of lip injections can I get another round?

I'm getting Juvederm on May 22. When I talked to them on the phone, they said that usually people only get a 1cc syringe administered on their lips... READ MORE

Can 1 cc of Juvederm be enough to lift both cheeks? (photos)

I had 1 cc of voluma injected (split) between both cheeks. I was somewhat satisfied initially but two weeks later I feel like I look exactly the same.... READ MORE

How many syringes of Juvederm do I need for the results I'm looking for? (photos)

I had 1 cc of Juvederm at the beginning of July and I was happy with the results. 3 days later it looked like nothing was there. Then 2 weeks later, I... READ MORE

How Many CC of Juvederm do I Need for the Under Eyes? (photo)

I got a good deal for juvederm, but the staff said that i need more than 1cc. I said i just need 1cc. After I came home i just realize they put it too... READ MORE

Protruding lips day 2 juvederm upper lip. (photos)

Had 1cc juvederm injected to upper lip only for more symmetry and volume to match lower lip. On day two but still have protruded duck lips. Was 1cc... READ MORE

How many cc's of Juvederm would be best for me? (photos)

I wanted to get Juvederm injections in my lips but am not sure how many cc's to go with. I'm going for a pouty more full look and am thinking 1.5 cc.... READ MORE

Is 1cc of juvederm enough? I want lips like Kylie Jenner. (photos)

I know this sounds ridiculous but I want lips like Kylie Jenner. A little smaller and I am planning on getting 1cc but now not thinking it's enough... READ MORE

Could I get away with doing half a syringe of Juvederm? (Photos)

I want a little more pout to my lips, my lips are already nice but I kind of want more fullness in my upper lip. How many CCs would any expert suggest... READ MORE

Would lip injections be a good fit for me? (Photo)

Here's the funny thing. I love the shape and size of my lips when they are closed, but when I smile with my teeth my lips get so thin that it looks... READ MORE

How many syringes would I need to get this look? (photos)

Hello! I posted a picture of my lips currently and the pictures afterwards are what I would want my lips to turn out like. I dont think one syringe... READ MORE

How many ccs of juvederm to get lips like these? (Photos)

I'm the one with the cropped face, I was wondering how many syringes of juvederm to get lips like the other girl? READ MORE

0.5cc Juvederm- will I see results? (photos)

Hi! I have my very first lip filler appointment scheduled for next week, and I'm waffling between getting 0.5cc or the full 1cc of Juvederm. The price... READ MORE

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