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JUVEDERM XC ULTRA: 1 vial: What are tiny white bumps all along the injection line in my upper lip?

I went to MD who said it doesn't look like "occlusion" and that it may be the product? I have always had Restylane done for past 7 years- this time,... READ MORE

Sunburned, Dry Feeling 10 Days Post Juvederm Injections, Will It Go Away?

I use moisturizer 24 hours a day under my quality lipstick. My lips look fine, but feel soooo dry and parched. Will this go away or should I use... READ MORE

Vitrase to Dissolve Juvederm Under Eye and Left With Lesion. Cannot Blink or Close at Night? (photo)

I was injected with Juvederm under my left eye which looked like a lump so I requested that it be dissolved with Vitrase. I developed a lesion under... READ MORE

If the Nasal Cavity is Punctured During a Juvederm Injection, Can the Result Be a Staph Infection?

I had the injection in my laugh lines Wednesday morning 8:30 am, by 9:30 I had bruising and a strange discoloration of my skin from the middle of my... READ MORE

24 Hour Burning for a Year Now After Juvedern Ultra 2 in Glabella?

Please anyone can you help,very I'll now after juvederm ultra 2 in glabella in August last year,eyes,forehead and brain burns 24 hours a day,insomnia... READ MORE

24 Hours After Lip Filler (unknown type of filler) - What is happening to my face? (Photo)

I got a lip filler injection about 24 hours ago and immediately saw small purple spots above my lip, by my nose, spreading toward my nasolabial fold.... READ MORE

Had Hyaloronidase in Glabella No Relief of Strange Symptoms. Now What?

Since my last post i have had hyaloronidase in the glabella area and crows feet area where there were two small lumps.They are now gone.I have had... READ MORE

Severe Symptoms 11 Months After Juvederm?

Hi I am posting again after 11 months as no one can offer any advice as to why I am still suffering these severe debilitating symptoms from juvederm... READ MORE

Am I having a Juvederm Rhinoplasty Skin Reaction - Necrosis - Hypersensitivity? (photo)

I had .3 ccs of juvederm injected into my nasal bridge 2 weeks ago. The remainder was injected into my nasiolabial folds. I've had ongoing burning... READ MORE

I received juvederm 2 weeks ago, since then I've had burning eyes and extreme jaw pain. Could they be related? Other causes?

After receiving juvederm 2 weeks ago I was very sick for a week. I was tired, weak, numb and tingly face and arms, headache, burning eyes. I felt like... READ MORE

3 days after cheeks done with Juvederm plus with cannula. Burning sensation can't smile, left with black bruising and look weird

I had jermain plus preformed with cannula 3 days ago. This is second time but with new MD. 1st MD did the procedure with a needle and I instan looked... READ MORE

I have a tingly, tender, burning lips after Juvederm. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have had my lips filled x4 times in the last year the last top up was non permanent however it has been seven days my lips are tingly tender and a... READ MORE

How can a highly experienced doctor, former ENT surgeon, cause nerve damage using cannula to insert .5cc Juvederm? (Photo)

I have been diagnosed with facial neuralgia by a top Harley street nerve specialist. The pain is debilitating. 5 months ago, the Aesthetics doctor... READ MORE

I had Juvederm filler 6 days ago in my cheeks and I am in so much pain. Burning sensation on my cheeks now? Please help

I had 1 juvederm for both my cheeks i just wanted little volume but now is been 5 days and for the last 2 days I can't sleep at night because they... READ MORE

Red burning rash 2 months post Juvederm. Could this be from Juvederm?

I had 1 cc of Juvederm Ultra in each pre jowl succulous on Jan 20, 2015. Twice since then I have had flare ups small lumpy red burning skin rash in... READ MORE

My left nostril was burning inside and oozing something out for five days. Was it the Juvederm?

After the numbness wore off the inside of my left nostril was burning and for about five days was oozing something out. Could it have been the juvederm?? READ MORE

Juvederm in parenthesis (face) & around mouth, right upper lip edge. Right lip still drooping & burning/sore sensation. Why?

And slight burning/sore sensation on R parenthesis with large lump deep inside. I immediately noticed the right upper lip slightly droop and was told... READ MORE

Feeling unwell after Juvederm Voluma injection. Should I be worried?

Hi there, I am just a little worried as I had Juvederm voluma injected (total 2ml in upper cheeks) and I have had a slight fever since two days after... READ MORE

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