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After Juvederm is Injected, Should You Massage or Press it out?

At injection the doctor does the initial "sculpturing". If after a few days the swelling has gone down and you see a bump. Can mild pressure... READ MORE

Lower Lip Bump Inside Mouth After Juvederm, What Can I do? (photo)

I have one large bump inside my lower lip after juvaderm injection 10 days ago. when i initially became concerned I asked the doctor and she said it... READ MORE

I Had Juvederm Injected into my Lips and Have a Large Bump on my Top Lip. You Can SEE THE PRODUCT Under the Bump. (photo)

What Do I Do?About 3 weeks ago I got lip injections with the product Juvederm. I have a large bump on my top lip, left side. I've massaged it daily... READ MORE

Bump on the Inside of Lip from Juvederm

I have a bump with a blueish head and I had Jevederm done 3 weeks ago. I'm thinking its from the injection. Im calling my doctor in the morning but I... READ MORE

Bump After Juvederm in Lips

I had juvederm injected in my lips almost 2 weeks ago and now I have a bump on the top lip, does this go away? I had juvederm injected into my lips... READ MORE

Bump/lump after Juvederm injection, what can it be? (photo)

A week ago I had juviderm lip injection. For two days I had really blue and paintful lip.. after that I noticed that I still got bump under my upper... READ MORE

After Juvederm Lips Injections I Have Chill, Body Aches, Low Grade Fewer, Swollen Painful Lip, Bump Like Blister?

I head my juviderm for lips 5 days ago. My upper lip was anproportional, because of history bells palsytwice. Next day I start having chill body paine... READ MORE

What to do about a tender bump on lower lip 2 weeks after Juvederm? (Photo)

2 weeks ago today I had juvederm injected by a plastic surgeon into my upper and lower lips. I iced my lips the first 24 hours and everything looked... READ MORE

What to Do in Case of Uneven Juvederm Injection? (photo)

Had it done about a week ago, one half of the face looks fuller than the other, a small bump developed right after the injection which i have... READ MORE

What is this flesh colored bump on my lip line? Should I see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon? (Photo)

For as long as I can remember, I've had this skin colored bump on the center of my lip. I would like to get it removed, even if it is not very... READ MORE

My Juvederm bump won't go away, its been 1 year! What can I do?

I had juvederm done 1 year ago, and when I got it done I noticed a bump on the bottom of my top lip which was affecting my smile in covering some of... READ MORE

I Had Juvederm Injected About 10 Days Ago. How Long Before the Bump Go Down?

I Had Juvederm Injected About 10 days Ago. How Long Before the Bump Go Down READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of my Asymmetric Cheeks?

Hi. I had juweederm injection on my cheeks 3 years ago which ended up with bump on my right cheek and having asymmetric cheeks. and now after 3 years... READ MORE

I got Juvederm lip injection a week ago. The filler shifted above my upper lip and created a bump. Will it settle down?

Hello, i got lip filler, juvederm just a week ago, i have a bumb on the right side of my upper lift above my lip line under my nose :( i called my doc... READ MORE

How to fix hollow eyes and damage done with Juvederm in my tear trough?

I have very hollow eyes and as I have gotten older they have gotten worse. I had Juvederm put under my eyes for hollow eyes and dark circles about 3... READ MORE

I have a bump underneath my lip since I got Juvederm lip injections. Is this normal?

I got my lips injected a week ago and the side of my upper lip is a little swollen and on the sam side underneath my lip i have a bump. Is this normal? READ MORE

How can I decrease the bump on upper lip that resulted from Juvederm? (photo)

After getting Juvederm injected about 3 weeks ago, I have noticed 2 large bumps on underneath my top lip. They are noticeable when I speak and I am... READ MORE

Can Juvederm or other HA fillers cause permenant damage to the vermilion border? (Photo)

I had my lips done a bit too much throughout 2014 and I noticed a bump above my top left lip at the corner. I had this dissolved then waited 3 months... READ MORE

When will the swelling go down under the eyes after Juvederm filler and after Vitrase injection? (photos)

Update on my Juverderm filler injection: I had my dermotologist inject Vitrase where she had injected the filler and immediately the bump went down... READ MORE

How quickly after Juvederm injection into the glabella single line would i know it went into a vein/artery?

Hi all! I had 1 syringe of Juvederm injected today, over 15 hrs ago, ( 2 weeks earlier botox) into my 1 middle vertical line to smooth it out some... READ MORE

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