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How Are Juvederm and Botox Used for Brow Wrinkles?

What are the main difference between Juvederm and Botox for treatment of wrinkles between the brows? Are they used together? What is the benefit of... READ MORE

Will the Uneven and Palpable Juvederm UP in my Brows/malar Go Away?

I had Juvederm UP in brows and malar--it clumped--then got hyaluronidase 5 days later--that left me terribly dimpled as if i had had bad acne in past.... READ MORE

Can Juvederm migrate from brow to eyelid?

I had juvederm ultra plus injected directly below my eye brows for a flattening brow. It is four months later and I notice the product wearing off as... READ MORE

I have glaucoma. Should I get Botox & Juvederm for the brows? (photos)

I'm seeing a physician (not a plastic surgeon or dermatologist but he does hundreds of injections per year. He has recommended a combination of botox... READ MORE

Can filler be used to raise the brow?

Hi I have had botox several time to raise my brow and it has never really been effective even though I have had it done with different injectors. I... READ MORE

I have a disastrous experience with Botox and Juvederm. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I had both Botox to the brow area and Juvederm to the cheeks last week. This morning I have eyes which won't open properly, and the Juvederm... READ MORE

Can I go blind from Juvederm/Restalyne that was injected above my brow?

I had juvederm and restalyne injected above my brow area to give it a slight lift today. The area now looks weird and swollen. I am just not ready... READ MORE

What are the risks of necrosis or blindness with Juvederm in lateral brows?

On Oct 28th (about 11 days ago) I purchased 1 tube of Juvederm for my lips. The whole tube was not used and the left over was placed in my lateral... READ MORE

Juvderm lump in brow area. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I had juvederm injected in my brow area today to lift my eyelids - it's a newer technique my doctor said. He's really good and I trust him, but I am... READ MORE

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