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Lower Lip Bump Inside Mouth After Juvederm, What Can I do? (photo)

I have one large bump inside my lower lip after juvaderm injection 10 days ago. when i initially became concerned I asked the doctor and she said it... READ MORE

My top lip is larger than my bottom lip. Would it look odd to only inject my bottom lip with Juvederm? (photos)

Hello! This is my very first experience with any form of cosmetic injection and I am therefore slightly unsure of what to expect. My only concern is... READ MORE

Juvederm or Radiesse for Lines Around Mouth?

Would you recommend Juvederm or Radiesse for lines around mouth, for bottom lip definition and lines between the nose and top lip?   READ MORE

Will Juvederm fillers fix my mental crease? If so, how will the fillers affect my chin shape when I smile? (Photo)

Will juvaderm fillers fix my mental crease? (Crease between lower lip and chin). This is a hereditary feature from father but i would like a chin with... READ MORE

Moustache bruise after Juvederm. Is this normal? (Photo)

Hello doctors. 5 days ago I had a syringe of juvaderm injected in my upper and lower lips. It was injected In lip line and lip body. I have a strange... READ MORE

Skin necrosis or bruise below lower lip? (Photos)

Hello everyone A few hours ago I had juvederm inject.on top and bottom lips, it was the second shot(the doc kept the syringe for me for a week)so he... READ MORE

Bulges below bottom lip - what are my options? (Photo)

I had braces from ages 10-15. When they were removed, the area below my lower lips stuck out as if they were still on. I'm now 22 years old and the... READ MORE

What to do about a tender bump on lower lip 2 weeks after Juvederm? (Photo)

2 weeks ago today I had juvederm injected by a plastic surgeon into my upper and lower lips. I iced my lips the first 24 hours and everything looked... READ MORE

3 weeks post op of Juvederm, my bottom lip sags a lot on one side. Is this normal? (photo)

I had 1 syringe of juvaderm in top and bottom lip 3 weeks ago. My bottom lip sags a lot on one side. I had a minimal amount placed in the bottom lip.... READ MORE

Does Juvederm ever not take or work? (Photo)

I went to a doctor to get a full syringe of juvederm. it seems as if the juvederm didnt work for my bottom lip. i actually bought the full syringe as... READ MORE

Wondering if Juvederm was performed poorly. Is touch up required? (Photo)

I was given able .5 ccs of juvederm about 10 days ago. I find the final results unflattering. I feel the bottom lip is not proportional to the bottom... READ MORE

Can Juverderm cause a rash on the face?

I had a juvederm injection a couple of months ago into my "Marionette lines" and into my lower lip. About a month later, I developed a severe rash on... READ MORE

Is it normal to have aching pain, hardness & numb in one spot? (Photo)

I received one syringe of Juvederm to my upper & lower lips just over 48 hours ago. I only seem to have pain, slight bruising and numbness in one spot... READ MORE

White spots on lip after Juvederm (Photo)

I just got juvederm a day and a half ago. I bruise easily so I expected the bruising. I'm concerned about the white areas on my lower lip. I'm going... READ MORE

10 days after Juvederm, I have two very flat bubbles on the surface of my lower lips. Slight whiteish color. (Photo)

My dr. Saw me on day 7 and told me to wait as it is the skin looking like that after the swelling I had. I DONT THINK IT IS THAT. READ MORE

I have numbness and tingling a year after having my third treatment of juvederm fillers. Is this normal?

In the last few weeks I have been experiencing a tingling pins and needles like feeling in my bottom lip and sometimes it sort of feels slightly numb... READ MORE

Why do my bottom lip Juvederm fillers look unnatural? (Photo)

I have gotten juvarderm smile fillers on my lips about 5 times ,its been about 8 months since I have done it last but my problem is that it looks like... READ MORE

White lips after Juvederm,is it normal? Would you use Juvederm around the lips instead of into it? (photos)

I was concerned about vertical lines around my mouth and my thin lips. I had 1 syringe of Juvedern ultra injected around the lips using a canula. He... READ MORE

Massaging 24 hours after Juvederm caused bruising one one side and swelling on the other - is it possible I damaged the filler?

I got my lips done at 10:30am yesterday. Minor swelling and no bruising, until 3pm today (over 24 hours later) when I noticed some lumps and attempted... READ MORE

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