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Cause of Glabellar Lines and How Can It Be Remedied? (photo)

Hi I have only just realised glabellar lines between my eyes tend to join together when frowning when they should remain parallel (in a 11 formation).... READ MORE

Can You Have Juvederm Injected Between the Eyebrows and Above the Eye Brown?

I have used botox and disport for deep wrinkles between my eye brows and right above my eye brow. However, these don't seem to do anything to improve... READ MORE

Combination of Juvederm, Restyalon, Botox Recommended for Glabella?

A PS recommends a combination of juvederm and restyalon with Botox in the glabella area and the verical lines between the brows? Would you recommend... READ MORE

Would Juverderm Address a Deep Line on Forehead Between Eyes?

People have often said they do not see it BUT I Can. i went and got botox twice and dr said she even put the "extra" on forehead which i did... READ MORE

Vascular compromise after filler injection around nose? (photos)

I had juverdern ultra injection on my nose bridge and the area between two eyebrows. It has been a week, the bruising seems not disappear, plus a... READ MORE

Need to get rid of crease between eyes? (photo)

I'm a 27 y/o female and since I was about 12 I've had this crease between my eyes. I hate it. The crease along with hooded eyelids make me look mean... READ MORE

6 days post Juvederm - herpes or vascular compression? (Photo)

I had juvederm injected in the bridge of my nose, tip and side of the nose by the right eye corner. 2 days later I had white spots on red background... READ MORE

Will Juvederm between the eyes and upper nose cause me to go blind later if all was fine during the first day after injection ?

Hello Had Juvederm injected in the nose and between the eyes. And it is a bit tight, but all looks fine, no big lumps or skin defect and no vision... READ MORE

About eight months ago I had Juvederm and ArteFill injected in my forehead between the brows, above the eyebrows, labial folds.

In the last two months I wake up with a very swollen face and much pressure around the forehead and eye area. The heaviness diminishes during the day... READ MORE

I had Juvederm injected under my eyes eight days ago, and now I look more tired and ripped. What do I do? (photos)

There is rippling, I look more tired than before and people keep asking me if I'm exhausted. Also, I never had these lumps before. I only had 1... READ MORE

Sudden lumps and swelling after filler. Any suggestions? (photos)

Got Juvederm injection between the eye 5 months ago, and one month ago on the lips , and Botox on the forehead including the same spot where I got... READ MORE

How much Juvaderm will be needed in my case? (photos)

I'm looking at some small fixes, A scar, 11 line between my eyebrows, nasollabial folds and a little plump in my lips. I line my lips every day to... READ MORE

Filler lasted 5 years between eyes so I had it removed. How can it have lasted so long ?

Hey I got juvederm 5 years ago between eyes it was still there after all this time I got the juvederm antidote done last week and it melted it all... READ MORE

How much could Juvaderm help with deep creases between the brows (without using Botox)? (photo)

I had a serious issue from Botox and due to a medical error am left with deep creases between my brows that I'd like to have cosmetically fixed. I've... READ MORE

Two weeks ago, I had Juvederm between my eyebrows to fill in vertical lines. (Photo)

Now I have "pillows" under my eyes on either side of my nose. What is causing these pillows and how do i get rid of them? Can it be swelling two weeks... READ MORE

Do you recommend fillers between the eyebrows?

Bcs even apliyin botox continue look like holes!!! READ MORE

I had Juvederm injected between my brows 7 years ago and it never dissolved. What should I do?

I have juvederm injected between my nose and my bridge and the tip of my nose like 7 years ago and the juvederm between my brow never dissolve since 7... READ MORE

Juvederm migrated to under my eyes. Will I be charged for hyaluronidase or will doctor cover it?

I recently had Juvederm between eyebrows and some on side of nose bridge. I have swelling under eyes for 3 weeks now. Does the physician usually cover... READ MORE

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