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Juvederm in Lips 2 Wks Ago. Why So Horribly Disfigured?

I put a before & after photo. wanted to see if juvederm in center of bottom lip would help lips close. he put in bottom and supposedly balanced... READ MORE

Juvederm Gone Wrong - Upper Lip is Too Big

My doctor made my upper lip two time bigger than my lower lip and i honestly look like a freak! what can i do to make lips smaller?? READ MORE

Lips Juvederm is bad. Is this normal? (Photo)

****I had lips filler and this is my 3rd day .. At first day i fall in love with it but now it look BAD and i dont want anyone to look at it but at... READ MORE

I bruised badly after Juvederm injections in the tear troughs and still have a fluid "bubble" under my left eye after 4 months.

The injections were deep (to the cheek bones). My doc knew I was on blood thinners and the bruises were awful. This fluid raised up under the left eye... READ MORE

What are these ulcers on my lip 5 days after juvederm? (photos)

I had 0.5ml 5 days ago, this is the third time however my lips swelled badly and I couldn't eat or drink. They were cracking and sore, I was put on... READ MORE

Juvederm under eyes, botched. 10 months ago.

Purple, painful blob under eye with dent in middle where doc tried to fix. Help! Bad bruising, still hurts to even apply moisturizer 1 side. Went back... READ MORE

My medical records (Juvederm Ultra Plus) did not include bar code lot number. How do I find out if it was a gray market product?

I had bad results with juvederm ultra plus. Went to a very respected board certified dermatologist, I paid 975.00 for one syringe. my records did... READ MORE

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