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Nasolabial Fold Correction Options? (photo)

I had juvederm in the nasolabial folds 2 months ago and my smile was limited and not as wide and big like I had botox even though I didn't. After... READ MORE

If Juvederm Didn't Work on my Smile Lines, What Are Some Good Alternatives? (photo)

I had to viles of Juvederm used on my smile lines. It was improved for about a month, but now it has returned to normal especially on one side. I am... READ MORE

Can I Use a Filler Instead of Botox for Forehead Wrinkle if I Had Bells Palsy?

I had Bells' Palsy a few years ago and have I would say 5% left over droop (no one can tell unless I tell them). In addition, had severe Lyme... READ MORE

Hydrelle a Less Expensive Alternative to Juvederm?

A medical spa/clinic near me in texas is selling discount juvederm called Hydrelle.  Is Hydrelle the same thing as juvederm?  Is it... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra Alternatives?

I've been using Juvederm ultra 3 and like the result but it just doesn't last. Three months seem to be the maximum amount of time it lasts. Is there... READ MORE

What if Juvederm Does Not Last for Even 2 Months? What Else Could I Try?

I had relatively deep Nasal Labial lines and had Juvederm Ultra injected and it looked fantastic, for one month then started to disappear. By the end... READ MORE

How can you tell if your doctor is using the real Juvaderm/juvaderm voluma filler or an alternative?

When I was reading other post I came across a doctor who mention to be careful because there are "not real juvaderm filler products that are trying to... READ MORE

How to Get Rid off Puffy and Darken Under Eye After Juvederm Filler? (photo)

Its 7 month after treatment,but i am getting darken and puffy eyes as time passing.should i use vitamin VC15 cerum given by same dermatologist to... READ MORE

Are There Any Solutions Besides Vitrase That Might Speed Up the Breakdown of Juvederm Ultra Plus? Thank You.

I had 3 syringes of Juvederm Ultra Plus injected into my cheeks. The immediate results looked good, but 3 weeks later I am left with a spongy swollen... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra for Under Eye Hollows Hasnt Worked?

Im 23 and have under eye hollows, i look tired all of the time. I got juvederm ultra administered under the eyes twice but it still seems to have not... READ MORE

I had 1ml of Juvederm to even out lips & increase the size. A week later, and the filler has almost gone. What can I do? (Photo)

I went back to see my doctor and he also agreed. He added a further 2ml. I went back to see him again and he was amazed as to how much of the filler... READ MORE

Juvederm is disappearing in 4 weeks after Dr injects it. Can I replace it with something else?

I got my injections into cheekbone. Already twice - both times (confirmed by doctor) they disappear in no more then 4 weeks. Can I replace it with... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix my asymmetrical lips with Juvederm? (photos)

Is it possible to fix my asymmetrical lips with Juvederm? What are some other alternative solutions? I've had braces and that did not seem to fix the... READ MORE

Fillers: cheeks or chin? (Photo)

I'm on a tight budget and can't afford a neck lift or chin implant, so the alternative for me would be fillers. I'm interested in the newer ones that... READ MORE

Juvederm under the eyes. Is there anything on the horizon that will last longer without going under the knife?

I've had Juvederm under the eyes for hollowing. It came out great, however it doesn't last and its expensive. Is there anything on the horizon that... READ MORE

Recommended lip filler after previous nightmare? Left with raised mouth area, that stuck out in a pitch black room. (photo)

This was my lips after Juvederm Ultra; my self proclaimed 'monkey mouth' never faded after 6 months, thus I got the filler dissolved today. My... READ MORE

Filler option that is lidocaine free for chin and cheeks? (photo)

I am 47. Have been getting juvederm for last five years. I had issues with numbing cream (lido 15/5), Namely got pounding slow heart feeling for hours... READ MORE

Juvederm Vs Princess Injectibles. Which is best?

I went for a consultation today regarding getting my lips enhanced and my smile lines filled. I've had my lips done with juvederm before and she has... READ MORE

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