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Juvederm for Acne Scars Left Skin with Bumpy Appearance - is This Common?

I had Juvederm injected in various areas of my face with the intention of making acne scars less noticeable. That was accomplished, but the trade-off... READ MORE

How Do I Remove Juvederm Injected Into Cheeks?

Previously in CA, 1/3 of a vial of Rystalane to fill shallow acne scars in cheeks every 9 mths. Now, in LA I have seen two doctors, one Derm, one PS,... READ MORE

Had filler for acne scars- Please Help

I had juvederm done in some rolling acne scars on my cheeks 8 days ago. For three days the scars looked completely GONE. Since then, they have been... READ MORE

Juvederm Bruising on Nasolabial Fold

I had Juvederm injected basically in my Nasolabial fold for an acne scar. The scar was only about the size of an eraser head. I received the injection... READ MORE

Is this necrosis? (Juvederm treatment for parenthesis/acne scar lines) (Photo)

Hello, recently I had Juvederm (1 syringe) done to fill some deep scars/parenthesis lines around both sides of my mouth. The treatment seemed to go... READ MORE

Juvederm for Acne Scars?

My doctor recommend this treatment to me. READ MORE

Will Juvederm ultra plus last longer than Perlane for acne scars?

Hello. Though both seem to be "basically the same" according to everyone, it seems that Juve is advertised for longevity far more than Perlane. Is one... READ MORE

Bubble-like Facial Lumps After Juvederm

I have soft, bubble-like raised areas on my cheek after a Juvederm injection for acne scarring. Hyaluronidase a year later did not dissolve them. I... READ MORE

Will Fillers Without Subcision Will Give a Donut Effect for Acne Scars?

Today I went to a PS to have dermal filler for my acne scars,but my PS didn't look keen. He suggested that filler will have donut effect,but I know... READ MORE

Juvederm blocking blood vessel/ infection? (photos)

I had juvederm injected to my hollow cystic acne scar. When the doctor injected me it was extremely painful. That night i saw blackish bruise. 1st day... READ MORE

What is better for minor acne scars; Juvederm or Radiesse? (photos)

I have some minor acne scar indentation along my jawline on both sides of my chin. I want something That provides great volume and is long lasting.... READ MORE

Is 1ml enough for my marionette lines? (I'm 29) but also have acne scarring. Also were my lines filled correctly? (photo)

I wanted the least done possible. I have acne scarring and marionette lines which I got filled with 1ml of juvederm. I can't really see any difference... READ MORE

I had Juvaderm about two months ago. Why is the side of my face totally flattened, looking hollow?

This is not the first time that one side (the same side) has gotten significantly flatter than the other. I have had acne scars on that side that are... READ MORE

Was my dermatologist fraudulent?

I went to a dermatologist about my acne scars, she told me juviderm would fill them. I never saw the juviderm box or needle, she injected my face... READ MORE

Can I get juvederm filler and acne laser scar removal at same time?

So I plan on getting acne laser scar removal and juvederm filler in my smile lines and lips but not sure if you can do these things in the same day?... READ MORE

Getting Juvederm Plus, is it okay when you have regular Juvederm in your cheeks?

Hey I have almost 6 syringes of juviderm in my face for acne scarring and it worked great! But I wanna get a tiny bit more just to touch up a few... READ MORE

Track Marks Left After Juvederm on 10/02, What do I need to do? (photos)

I am a huge fan of Botox and filler and have never, ever had issues. On October 2nd I had filler put in both cheeks for acne scars. The injector... READ MORE

Cellulitis from Juvederm injection.

I had juvaderm injections to my acne scars a week ago and got cellulitis. I have been given 500 mg of Cephalexin as well as sulfamethoxazole by an... READ MORE

Juvederm in NL folds while getting Ematrix for acne scars?

I've had two Ematrix txs four weeks apart for acne scaring on cheeks, third tx coming up in 10 days. Today I also had a syringe of Juvederm injected... READ MORE

Juvederm filler for acne scars while on low dose intermittent Accutane treatment?

I had sciton microlaser peel and profractional 5 months ago for acne scars...after 2.5 months of the laser i started getting few avoid... READ MORE

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