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Juvederm Under Eyes 9 Months Ago And Lumps Are Still Present. Time For Hyalunronidase?

I went to a plastic surgeon to check out the dark circles I have. I feel I was lied to about what to expect and the procedure was hurried up on me at... READ MORE

My Juvederm Lip Augmentation Lump Won't Go Away! Its been 9 months?

I got juvederm on my lips back in February of this year. There was a bump on the underside of my top lip that stayed 3 months later. I was furious... READ MORE

Are There Cases Where Juvederm Has Not Dissolved Naturally?

It has been almost 9 months since I received juvederm injections, and there are still lumps/bumps everywhere it was injected into my top lip. This was... READ MORE

Hard lump where the Juvederm was injected. Scar tissue?

I had juvederm injected 9 months ago in the nasolabial folds. however, it made them look worse: it looks like the juvederm was injected above the... READ MORE

9 month post op of Juvederm, I'm having facial swelling and lumps under my eyes and cheeks. Is this normal?

I had Juvederm 9 months ago.Twelve days ago my face started on one side and then moved to the other. I have hard lumps under my eye area and cheeks.... READ MORE

Will blood flow restart if I have had vascular occlusion near the upper lip corner after Juvederm? (photo)

9 months ago I had Jevederm injected into nosobial lines and around my mouth to lift corners. Near right upper corner after 4 days appeared a visible... READ MORE

Juvederm in Area Above the Lips 9 Months Ago?

Had juverderm in area above lip 9 months ago have a hard ridge in the area looks swollen how long will it last can it be permenant READ MORE

How to fix permanent damage (scarring) in my nose from Juvederm filler? (Photos)

Over 9 months ago I had 0.3ml juvederm ultra three injected into my right alar. It changed the whole right side of my nose, it increased in volume. I... READ MORE

I had juvederm injected under my eyes about 9 months ago. Can I still get the hyaluronidase injection?

I have seen Dr and CTs and MRIs to rule out any other issues with my eye. I am even considering haveing surgery it is so bad. and ever since I have... READ MORE

Lump on lip after Juvederm 9 months ago (Photo)

I have had juvederm injections numerous times in the past and have never had any problems.About 10 months ago I had the juvederm injections in my lips... READ MORE

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