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Weird Smile After Juvederm Injections

8 months ago I got Juvederm for smile lines. On day 2 I saw when I smiled I had new lines, like a joker smile. Doctor said after the product settled... READ MORE

Juvederm in Malar Area 8 Months Ago-still Swelling and Blue Lines

Its been Eight months now after juvederm-treatment in malar area and still swelling and have blue lines. I am desperate! Is it possible that the blue... READ MORE

Am I Experiencing A Granuloma 8 Months Post Fillers?

My fist restylane/Juvederm injection into the nasolabial fold gave a perfect result. The second injection of restylane alone provoced after ten days... READ MORE

Tear Troughs and Upper Lip Still Don't Look Good After 8 Months, Is It Permanent?

I had Juvederm injected into my tear troughs and upper lip last year in June. I can see the filler under my eyes still and my upper lip has a raised... READ MORE

Juvederm Tyndall Still After 8 Months: Dr Warns Against Hyaluronidase or Extraction, So What to Do?

Juvederm 8 mths ago to correct small scar below cheek. In 2 different consults since, has been explained that juvederm was injected too superficially.... READ MORE

I Had Juvederm Injection Under my Eyes About 8 Months Ago and the Injection Site is Still Bruised What Should I Do?

I  Had Juvederm Injection Under my Eyes About 8 Months Ago and the Injection Site is Still Bruised What Should I Do? READ MORE

Why Won't This Juvederm Leave my Nose It's Been 8 Long Months Now?

It's been 8 months I am so unhappy still waiting on this juv to go . My nose looks terrible will it ever return to its original state I'm starting to... READ MORE

Is it normal to have clear fluid pockets on the inside of lip months after Juvederm? (photo)

It's been over 8 months at least since I've had juvaderm ( just a thin line in top of upper lip and I have always had these little clear pockets of... READ MORE

Causes of Puffy Eye Bags 8 Months After Juverderm Plus Under Eyes?

I had under eye hollows that were treated with juvederm about 8 months ago. Everything was fine until lately. When I awake, I have puffy bags under my... READ MORE

About eight months ago I had Juvederm and ArteFill injected in my forehead between the brows, above the eyebrows, labial folds.

In the last two months I wake up with a very swollen face and much pressure around the forehead and eye area. The heaviness diminishes during the day... READ MORE

Will this dimple/wrinkle ever go away? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 26 years old about 8 months ago I received juvederm or restylne I forgot which one in my laugh lines. Everything was great until about 1 month... READ MORE

Had Juvederm done in August. She also injected several others like Restylane and Radiesse. I have a fever, chills, flu symptoms

I was injected way too much (hind sight) but I have been having fevers , chills, flu like symptoms since. I was just diagnosed after going to SEVERAL... READ MORE

Juvederm in parenthesis (face) & around mouth, right upper lip edge. Right lip still drooping & burning/sore sensation. Why?

And slight burning/sore sensation on R parenthesis with large lump deep inside. I immediately noticed the right upper lip slightly droop and was told... READ MORE

Why after juviderm lip injections is the two line above cuspids bow so much larger? (photos)

Will this go down and back to normal it's been 8 mths and seems my lips have went down but this area has not. Before these lines were never this... READ MORE

When will a lump after Juvederm disappear?

8 months have passed since I had hyaluronic fillers done in nasolabial folds and around mouth corners. Due to the injection near the mouth corner... READ MORE

When will a lump after Juvederm fillers disappear?

8 months have passed since hyaluronic fillers where done in nasolabial folds and around mouth corners. Due to the injection at one of the mouth... READ MORE

What can I do to fix these small bags under my eyes after Juvederm?

Hi I had a jevdorm filler done for my under eyes it's been 8 Months I have a small bag under my eye after the filler they look so puffy in this case... READ MORE

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