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Can Juvederm migrate to another area months after the procedure?

7 months ago I had Juverderm injected in my cheeks to remove the appearance of hollow eyes. On the same day i had volbella in my lips.Results were... READ MORE

How to Get Rid off Puffy and Darken Under Eye After Juvederm Filler? (photo)

Its 7 month after treatment,but i am getting darken and puffy eyes as time passing.should i use vitamin VC15 cerum given by same dermatologist to... READ MORE

I have lumps in my lips 7 months after having Juvederm injected around my lip line. Am I having an Immune System reaction?

Literally over night I had a bump appear on my lower lip. I thought it was a cold sore so I began taking Acyclovir. The bump was not painful at all.... READ MORE

Juvederm Pushing on Muscles Under Eye and Causing Crepiness?

I had juvederm injected under my eyes for hollows. I am very unhappy with the result. A dr I have seen said it is lopsided and starting to "surface".... READ MORE

Severe Brain Complications After Migration of Juvederm Ultra 2. What Now?

After almost 7 months after having juvederm ultra 2 injected into glabella area,i am so ill from severe brain complications from juvederm migrating... READ MORE

Bluish Puffy Eyes After Juvederm

I had juvaderm 7 months ago. So I had under eye surgery and the problem is still there. What do I do? I thought surgey would get rid of it. READ MORE

7 Months Post Juvederm for Nasolabial Folds and Face Has Completely Changed?

My face completely changed. I no longer have my natural features. The doc injected it between my chin and my jaw, when I smile my high cheekbone... READ MORE

Can Juvederm That Was Injected in the Forehead Cause the Skin to Appear Puffy After 6 Months?

I had juvederm injected between my brows about 7 months ago and when the area is pressed down on lightly, it swells up. Can juvederm cause the skin to... READ MORE

Why Wont my Juvederm Ultra 3 Dissolve?

I had juvederm ultra 3 injected in my upper cheek near eyes, it was injected 7 months ago and the Doc used a cannula To inject. I asked him to go deep... READ MORE

Reaction to Juvaderm 7 Months Later

I had cheek fillers of Juvaderm and 7 months later my entire eye area broke out in itchiness, watering and scaliness, lasting several days. This has... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of the bulge under my eye and will the Juvederm ever dissolve on its own? (photo)

I had a tear through juviderm injection 7 months ago and now there is a bulging on my right side under the eye where the juviderm injection took place... READ MORE

Facial edema months after juvederm?

My face has developed significant facial edema seven months after juvederm. It is in my cheeks and jowl area, not in the area of injections. It looks... READ MORE

Swelling in the Lips After Tear Through? (I Use to Swell Up Around my Eyes in the Beginning but Not Anymore) (photo)

7 month ago I got juvederm in my lips. And in August I decided to get tear through, but I did not think there was enough so I got a little bit more in... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done after having antidote for juvederm eye trough injection? My eyes are worse (Photo)

Hi I had juverderm eye trough injections about 7 months ago and they were badly swollen and had purple blush that wouldn't go , I had the antidote for... READ MORE

Why isn't filler in nose dissolving? It's been over 7 painful months (Photo)

I had 0.3ml juvederm ultra 3 injected in the right alar 7 months ago. From second opiniom found out it moved my cartilage to the left and the right... READ MORE

I have 6 big lumps in my lips from lip injections Juvederm; I've had them for 7 mos. Will my lumps go down eventually? (photo)

The women claimed she was a professional and said they would go away but im just worried they wont slowly go away after time they dont hurt but i dont... READ MORE

Nerve damage from .5cc Juvederm Voluma dermal filler in left cheek. What's the average healing time?

I had this procedure 7 months ago. My surgeon was struggling to get the product in & pushed through. She used a cannula. I have been diagnosed with... READ MORE

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