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Allergic to hydroquinone. Which is better to treat melasma: frequent glycolic peels or less frequent Jessner's peels?

I have been struggling with melasma for years, especially on my upper cheeks. Is it better to do lighter glycolic peels every 2 weeks with no peeling... READ MORE

Reverse Jessners TCA Chemical Peel Burn (Photo)

After reading the Q&A related topics on failed at-home peels, I fear the worst. I have definately burned my face w/jessners 35% tca and now 5 wks... READ MORE

Grey, Brownish and White Marks After Jessner's Peel

A Jessner's chemical peel caused grey, brownish and white marks, please help. I went to the dermatologist to have scarring on my face that had... READ MORE

Jessner Peel Left Me with Hyperpigmentation, Looking for Houston Doctor?

I'm 36 and did a mild Jessner peel at a local spa. They said it wasn't chemical but "natural" and that it was less potent than what... READ MORE

Help me please! Jessner peel made my skin worse. What should I do about this? (Photo)

Hi! I did jessner peel 3layer at beauty spa on Tuesday last week till now around 5 day after that but my face it's peeling too slow because it should... READ MORE

Complication of new hyperpigmentation after 3 coats of Jessner and one coat of TCA peel Both 30% (Photo)

I had peeling on: 1st: 27/11/15 2nd:16/11/15 (Only TCA 20%) 3rd:16/01/16 IPL: 05/02/16 I have been on Hydroquinone, on and off Tretinoin. however, HP... READ MORE

Is this normal redness for a jessner peel? (Photo)

I recently received my first ever peel. I chose to do a jessner peel to help with mild pitted acne scars. My overall complexion was not overly uneven... READ MORE

What to expect from a Jessner + TCA peel? Particularly, before I start peeling and the experience. (Photo)

My favorite esthetician did the jessners + tca peel on me Tuesday night, a little over 3 days ago. I haven't started peeling yet, but my skin is very... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to help my face peel? It has been 8 days. (Photo)

I had a Jeesner's peel 8 days ago. I was instructed to apply AQuaphor for 3 days and the use only baby wipes or facial wipes to cleanse face.. No... READ MORE

Tipping for Jessner/chemical peel?

I am getting a jessner peel next week and I am unsure if this is a procedure you are expected to tip for like you would for a facial at a spa. I am... READ MORE

Is modified Jessner with TCA more effective ?

I want to get meduim depth peel, I been reading modified Jessner peel with tca is effective. But what's the difference between 30% Tca and modified... READ MORE

Is it safe to wait 1 night between the 1st and the 2nd layer?

I went to a new clinic to have a Jessner Peel today. The dermatologist applied 1 layer of the peel for me and asked me come back tomorrow to have the... READ MORE

I wonder if I could do another jessner safely? (Photo)

Since my face doesn't feel or look any different is it ok to do the jessner peel again tonight. I don't think I kept it on long enough it was the... READ MORE

I am going to get Jessner peel; what can I use to brighten around my eyes & ears?

I am going to get Jessner pell what can I use to brighten around my eyes & ears. Thanks, READ MORE

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