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Blisters, Swelling, and Redness After Jessner Peel

I am 39 years old, and 1 day post Jessner peel. My goals are to reduce brown spots and sun damage. I now have blisters and weeping, tight, red, very... READ MORE

Is it normal to not peel much through day 4 of a Super Jessner + Peel?

I did a "Super Jessner +" peel on my face last Wed. New Year's Eve at 3pm. I am on the fourth day now. The fourth day will be finished in 4 hours. I... READ MORE

Pink Patches on Legs from Chemical Peel?

I did a Jessner's peel on my legs, but not all over, just on assorted areas where i had my scars. It is now 11 days ago, i have been using... READ MORE

Is pink and thin skin expected after a Jessner peeling procedure? (Photo)

I've done jessner peeling before, always with a dermatologist. The first time the skin did not turn brown at all, but it peeled for 3 days. However,... READ MORE

Are dark brown patches normal on 2nd day peel? When will it resolve?

Hi ,this is my 2nd day jessener peel,I get tight brown batches at sites of previuos acne spots,its gettin more darker and skin is tight,actually I am... READ MORE

First Jessner Peel Left Burns

I had my first jessner peel two days ago it look like someone burned me with a cig. on ten different area of my face is this normal? READ MORE

Had Jessner's Peel One Week Ago and Now I'm Having Some Type of Reaction (Rash or Hives)?

Not sure if the two are related, but I feel like it could be. I got the peel on Monday, received it well, had my peeling and flaking pretty much gone... READ MORE

Help me please! Jessner peel made my skin worse. What should I do about this? (Photo)

Hi! I did jessner peel 3layer at beauty spa on Tuesday last week till now around 5 day after that but my face it's peeling too slow because it should... READ MORE

Is this normal redness for a jessner peel? (Photo)

I recently received my first ever peel. I chose to do a jessner peel to help with mild pitted acne scars. My overall complexion was not overly uneven... READ MORE

What to expect from a Jessner + TCA peel? Particularly, before I start peeling and the experience. (Photo)

My favorite esthetician did the jessners + tca peel on me Tuesday night, a little over 3 days ago. I haven't started peeling yet, but my skin is very... READ MORE

Does this look normal for a Jessner peel and how do I know if there has been damage? (Photo)

I received a Jessner peel at a plastic surgeon's office. The aesthetician did the procedure. She applied "10" layers of acids. Does this look accurate... READ MORE

I have a red and very tight face after a Jessners peel: is this normal? (Photo)

I am in beauty school. I have had or done many TCA peels over the past ten years. I had a Glymed Jessners peel done yesterday, frosted within 2... READ MORE

Swollen face 5 days after a Modified Jessner peel. (photo)

I had a Modified Jessner peel 5 days ago and after peeling my face has swollen up a lot and it very red and tinggly! . Is this normal ??what can I... READ MORE

Is it normal? Will it peel soon as I have to go to College after some days..

My derm prescribed me a Jessner peel when there was no sign of improvement in acne after 3 years So last time I had Light peel.. but now I got Medium... READ MORE

Is red skin after peeling from a Jessner treatment normal?

I received a jessner peel three days ago and my face is starting to peel. I noticed I have a bit of redness from where it has peeled off; it's not all... READ MORE

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