Hyperpigmentation + Jessner Peel

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Jessner's Peel for Scars and Hyperpigmentation (Sensitive Skin)?

Hi, I am thinking of doing a Jessner's peel on my face, although still unsure if this is what I need. I am 28 y/o with not very noticeable scars... READ MORE

Do You Recommend Jessner's Peel on Darker Skin to Remove Fine Wrinkles? Should I Be Worried for Hyperpigmentation?

I am 60 years old ( dark olive skin) with fine wrinkles around my eyes and some age spots on my face. Please recommend me safest effective treatment. READ MORE

Is it likely that my skin will not return to normal after jessner chemical peel?

I had a modified jesner chemical peel done a few days ago. I had 2 layers. This was only my second chemical peel. Ive had peeling and only have two... READ MORE

Jessner's Peel side effect - will it go away? (Photo)

Hello, I am a black female with hyperpigmentation on my legs caused by mosquito bites. On the morning of 24 January 2014, I had a Jessner's Peel... READ MORE

Jessner Peel Effective for Melasma and Hyperpigmentation?

Does 14% Jessner peel work for melasma and hyperpigmentation? READ MORE

Grey, Brownish and White Marks After Jessner's Peel

A Jessner's chemical peel caused grey, brownish and white marks, please help. I went to the dermatologist to have scarring on my face that had... READ MORE

How Long to Avoid Sun After a Jessner Peel?

I had a medium-deep Jessner peel 10 days ago. There was one area that formed a pinkish reddish nodule that subsided after 5 days but after my skin... READ MORE

Jessner Peel Left Me with Hyperpigmentation, Looking for Houston Doctor?

I'm 36 and did a mild Jessner peel at a local spa. They said it wasn't chemical but "natural" and that it was less potent than what... READ MORE

1 week post op of Jessner Peel, is it too early for hyperpigmentation? (photos)

Hi, I had my first Jessners peel for clogged pores/pimples last monday. It was meant as a 1 layer, but did burn &the tech said I had a lot of... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Sunless Tanner on Your Face After a Jessner Peel?

If so, how soon after the Jessne's Peel, and which sunless tanner do you recommend? Is there any chance it will cause or trigger hyperpigmentation? I... READ MORE

Is it normal to develop a rash after a Jessner Peel? (Photo)

I did an at home Jessner Peel two days ago and did two layers. My face is tight and I have dark brown spots where I did the two layers the brown areas... READ MORE

Complication of new hyperpigmentation after 3 coats of Jessner and one coat of TCA peel Both 30% (Photo)

I had peeling on: 1st: 27/11/15 2nd:16/11/15 (Only TCA 20%) 3rd:16/01/16 IPL: 05/02/16 I have been on Hydroquinone, on and off Tretinoin. however, HP... READ MORE

Is jessner peel strong enough for the entire back if not which one is recommended ? (photo)

I have acne and hyperpigmentation on my back is the jessner peel the one for it, and if so how much will the back cost. Also, is there a good... READ MORE

TCA +Jessner peel and skin depigmentation/hyperpigmentation

I am fair-skinned, however I can tan over the course of a summer (probably type 2+ skin). Will a series of three TCA 35% + Jessner peels cause any... READ MORE

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