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The JeNu Ultrasonic Infusion System is at-home device used to increase the absorption and effectiveness of skincare products such as wrinkle cream and lip serum. Previously, the system could only be used with JeNu brand products, but you can now use the handheld wand with any of your favorite brands to make them work overtime.

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I used the JeNu wand with eye cream and lip serum for 14 days, once per day. The treatments were simple. You add one drop of eye cream per area around each eye, and use the wand in circular motions for 1 minute (it shuts off automatically by slightly vibrating). I have a tendency for my eyes to... READ MORE

This reviewer is affiliated with RealSelf. The views expressed here are their own and do not reflect the views of RealSelf, Inc.I work for RealSelf and we launched our first product topic for JeNu last week. I love the stories on RealSelf, but I'm not much of a medi-beauty junkie (as you'll see... READ MORE

I have read a bunch of positive reviews about jenu and I wanted to try it but I am very very particular about the products I put on my face. I didn't buy their conducting gel because I thought (incorrectly) that my regular products would provide enough slip. I am really not excited about using... READ MORE

I'm in my late 30s and have started noticing fine lines and wrinkles, especially in the forehead area. Three months ago, I purchased an expensive anti-aging face oil that I've been using every night before going to bed. While I've been consistent with using the product, the face oil hasn't... READ MORE

It's been 10 days,I purchase JeNu for my melasma and wrinkles. I can't give clear review for melasma yet but for the wrinkle,it appear to be working. I already had a organic oil which worked for my face,so infusing it further to my skin must be good for me. The same line had a organic oil for... READ MORE

I started to incorporate the JeNu wand into my regimen about a month ago. I use a nice peptide eye cream, and a Rx retinol, and use the wand to infuse my skincare deeper into my skin. It's super easy to use and takes just a minute on each side. It shuts off when it's done. One charge has lasted... READ MORE

I've been using the JeNu wand with anti aging serum around my eyes and for fine lines on my forehead and after just a couple of weeks I've had friends ask me what I did to make my skin look so amazing. The fact that other people are noticing aside from myself, makes me extra confident in the... READ MORE

This ultrasonic device is so easy to add into your routine. It takes just one minute every morning and every night to see noticeable results. The fine lines disappear, your skin takes on a healthy tone and glow. I have recently gone to a local MedSpa and they used an ultrasonic device on my... READ MORE

The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser is a necessity for my nighttime beauty regiment. Before going to bed, I use a small amount of eye cream to the wand and use it in a circular motion over each eye. Since, the wand shuts off an minute, you don't have to worry if you're using too long or not enough. The... READ MORE

I love using this JeNu wand because I get to customize my own beauty routine focusing on my main concern with wrinkles. I use beauty products with anti-aging benefits. This wand definitely helps maximize the benefits from your own beauty products. It's easy to use and clean with a cloth. It... READ MORE

This wand is a miracle worker it really boosts the efiacy of your skin care products. I wish I had known about it earlier! I plan on buying one for my Mom. My fine lines and age spots are diappearing thanks to Jenu!! I love that I can apply makeup quickly after using this over my mositurizer it... READ MORE

When paired with your high end face cream this little gem is truly like nothing I've ever used. Twice a day for six weeks paired with my face cream and ive seem a remarkable difference. Definitely the best anti aging discovery ive ever made. The time necessary is only a minute for each targeted... READ MORE

I used Jenu for about a month just to see how it would work and to my surprise, I did see results especially in the area from my mouth and my nose. I also noticed that it did take about three weeks to see a difference in the deeper lines but the fine lines started showing improvement in about... READ MORE

I love this product!! Works so quickly and fast acting I really recommend this product to anyone it's pricey but worth it!! JeNu was a product that I had doubts in it because I tried other products and nothing seemed to work but I tried this one it so worth paying for it!!! I know that if you... READ MORE

I am in my late 30's and have started to see my skin change for the worse. My skin had become dull, with wrinkles around my eyes. I have tried a lot of beauty products and devices to help with this. I thought the Jenu system looked unique. I had never seen anything like it. I gave it a try.... READ MORE

This is an excellent product to have if you care about your skin. I noticed changes in fine lines and deep wrinkles after about 3 weeks. It has now been over 6 months and it just keeps getting better. JeNu is small and sleek enough to travel with and it keeps a charge for over 2 weeks. It is... READ MORE

People call it a "game changer" and I agree! This really helped with my crows feet!! So glad I have this thing!! I started noticing changes in my lines in about 30 days. I have now used it over 90 days and the results are really nice! It is very simple to use and only takes a few minutes. I... READ MORE

Definitely worth it's weight in gold! Results are impressive ! The wand is easy to use and clean. Simply apply product and use! Seen results in only 1 week! Might seem pricey but the price of one visit to the dermatologist will cost as much. Easy to incorporate into your every day beauty routine... READ MORE

My cousin had ordered the JeNu product as well. That is how I heard about it. I was really excited to see how it worked and she showed me hers. It was so simple. It was such an easy device to use and not only that the clean up was extremely simple. I used mine and all I can say is that it works!... READ MORE

I think that I am the very few who are real customers. Similar to many other real customers' experience, I regretted to purchase it. My JeNu stopped working after 50 days although I used it no more than once a day. The charger was no longer working as well. It is absolutely a waste of money!!!!... READ MORE

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