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Treatment of Hyperpigmentation After IPL (Hair Removal) Burns

I have had 2 treatments for hair removal on my legs and both times were fine. The 3rd time was 10 days ago and after I left the spa my legs felt like... READ MORE

Why is IPL Not Working on Brown Spots?

I had 4 ipl treatments on face to get rid of brown spots and there is no improvement and my facial cosmetic surgeon is extremely qualified to do the... READ MORE

I have holes on my left underarms. How can I make them close permanently?

I've started having IPL laser hair removal for underarms last 2011 with the thought that it can close those wholes but it didn't. What can you advise... READ MORE

Why were there no effects after my first IPL treatment for acne red/brown hyper pigmentation?

I know that 1 treatment isn't going to totally clear it, but I didn't notice any effects like coffee grounds or lightening of the spots at all. The... READ MORE

I got a laser treatment to remove a red spot on my nose, and now it is very dark and I'm worried?

Hello everyone! So I recieved 2 laser treatments for this small bright red dot on my nose that made me like Rudolph. The first treatment didnt really... READ MORE

IPL Treatment- Taking Filter off for More Intense Treatment?

I just had my first IPL treatment, and the esthetician who did the treatment said she would take off the filter for my next two treatments, because... READ MORE

I have an indentation from IPL. Will it go away and about how long will it take? Is it safe to get future treatments?

I have had about 3 IPL treatments with no problems with the frist two. The thrid treatment about a month and a half ago caused a small blister about... READ MORE

Is the IPL the Right Treatment for PIH?

I have some PIH mostly caused by my own bad habit at picking at my occasional skin flare-ups.I assist PT at a spa where they will do these tx's at no... READ MORE

Discolored, rough, dry, uneven skin tone after 3 weeks of IPL treatment?

How do I get rid of this ?? Is this normal after ipl?? How long it will yak to get back my normal skin ?? Is it permanent or reversible ?! I have... READ MORE

At-home IPL on Indian skin? (Photo)

Hi, I would like to buy an IPL hair removal device due to the constrictive price of professional treatments. I have done some research into devices... READ MORE

IPL burn recovery time?

I have recently had an IPL treatment gone wrong for freckles and I was burned. Once the scabs healed and fell off I've been left with lighter colored... READ MORE

Are My IPL Treatments Being Administered Correctly?

Im currently having IPL and Im not sure she is using the machine correctly. I've had it done before and would feel a flick from the machine. She... READ MORE


What's the best treatment for facial pigmentation and brown age spots READ MORE

How long will it take to heal, what can I do to speed up the process, best creams to use and when to start this? (Photo)

I had been having IPL treatments on new stretch marks on my legs to help remove the purple/red color. After 3 treatments they were doing great and... READ MORE

Why am I left with flat, red marks that won't go away 10 days after IPL treatment? (Photo)

10 days ago I had IPL treatment to target freckles/sunspots. They browned, peeled off, and scabbed. I used wound serum to help the healing because... READ MORE

Can Lytera be mixed with Glycolic Acid or Retinol? (Photo)

I've getting IPL treatments for brown spots which are helping. The nurse recommended I use Lytera (I'm allergic to hydroquinone) to aid the process. I... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend to get rid of these red marks? Would IPL work? (Photos)

When I was a teenager my GP gave me a topical cream for what he thought was rosacea (never been convinced this is what it was and have never had... READ MORE

Clearlift or IPL (both alma) for blackheads, pigment scars from acne, 2 tiny pock marks, and undereye lightening? IV skin type.

Which of the three would require the least financial investment with best results and how many treatments would be recommended? Thank you READ MORE

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