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How Long Does It Take for Hair to Fall off After IPL Treatment.

I have done my IPL treatment on face a week ago but i find the growth to be more course than usual. Also i cant see any hair falling off from my face.... READ MORE

How Many IPL Sessions are Required to Achieve Almost No Hair?

My wedding is in late October and i have just strated IPL hair removal, in 2 weeks i will have my second one.. when is the best time to have the last... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Have a Microdemabrasion Done After IPL and How Long Should I Wait?

I had an IPL tratment done to treat hyperpigmentation. Is been 4 days and the dark spots had gotten darker down time has been too long. Procedure was... READ MORE

Blisters to Chest, Back and Legs After IPL

One week ago, today, I had the IPL laser tx on my entire body excluding my stomach. I was not told that blisters would develop. Actually, she (the... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get an Ipl Prior to Pregnancy?

I had my first ipl photo facial in June to rid freckles. I managed to protect myself from the sun despite my honeymoon last month. My first session... READ MORE

How LOng After First Session of IPL Can I Have 2nd Session?

Ive done my first session of ipl 5 days ago to remove acne scars and i am new to the subject. but the scars have increased in redness and i understand... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait Before Getting IPL After I Had Fraxel Laser?

How many days should I wait to schedule a photofacial (IPL treatment ) after a Fraxel Re:store (NOT Re:pair!) treatment? Thanks! READ MORE

How Long Will It Take PIH Caused by IPL to Resolve?

I had IPL on my neck, shoulders and chest with an Alma Hamony device. I experienced good results with my first treatment, but the energy level was... READ MORE

How Long After a Medium TCA Peel Do I Need to Wait to Have IPL?

How Long After a Medium TCA Peel Do I Need to Wait to Have IPL? READ MORE

How Soon After Facelift or Mini Facelift is It Safe to Have an IPL Photofacial for Rosacea? Thanks!

I had a "mini" facelift a little over two months ago and am wondering if it is safe to now have an IPL Photofacial or a chemical peel. READ MORE

How Long After Pregnancy for IPL Treatment?

How long after pregnancy (assuming you're not breastfeeding) should you wait to undergo an IPL treatment? READ MORE

Can I Get an IPL Before a Very Light Chemical Peel? How Would the Waiting Period Be in Between?

I am getting my first IPL treatment in 5 days for acne scarring. I am wondering if it is ok to book a very light chemical peel 3 days before IPL... READ MORE

Do I Need to Stop Using Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Remover Before IPL? If So-for How Long?

Do I Need to Stop Using Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Remover Before IPL? If So-for How Long? READ MORE

How Fast Does IPL Get Rid of Active Acne?

I have a very important interview coming up and my acne is horrible. i have one week to get rid of it. i have just started diane 35 and i feel like... READ MORE

Is It Better to Have IPL First Before Profractional?

I would like to have both done as I'm a vineyard worker and have much exposure to the elements. I have had both done before but I want to make sure I... READ MORE

Jessners Before IPL Photofacial?

I have purchased a package of 3 IPL treatments thru a MedSpa. I have fair, ruddy skin with age spots and broken capillaries. I also have a certificate... READ MORE

When is It Safe to Get IPL After Inflamed Acne Goes Away?

Is there a certain amount of time I should wait to get an IPL if I just had a few inflamed acne that went away but left a red mark (no indentations)? READ MORE

IPL and Obagi Blender?

I have been using Obagi blender with tretinoin for over a month. is it advisable to start a series of monthly facial IPL sessions for brown spots?... READ MORE

IPL and LED - Can I Alternate LED and IPL Treatments?

I will be undergoing 6 LED facials. I understand the waiting time between sessions should be about 2 weeks. I would also like to have IPL treatments... READ MORE

Can I Epilate After IPL?

I have had 5 treatments of IPL on my legs and bikini line. I am to have a 6th session but not for another 3/4 months (doctor is on holiday). I wanted... READ MORE

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