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Do You Need to Stay out of the Sun After an IPL Photorejuvenation Facial and for How Long?

I play a lot of beach volleyball, so staying out of the sun is impossible. Is this treatment only effective for patients who are not constantly... READ MORE

IPL for Sunspot Removal?

Are Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) systems such as Prolite II okay to use for sunspot removal? READ MORE

How Long Do the Results of IPL Last?

I am considering having a series of IPL treatments for brown sun spots and freckles on my face. I am assuming that the results of this series of... READ MORE

Two IPL Treatments Instead of 4 to 5?

I consulted with a dermatologist about IPL treatment to remove age spots or sun discoloration on my face, chest, and hands. He recommends only 2... READ MORE

IPL for Sun Spots on Asian Skin?

I am of Asian descent. I have very fair (almost pale) skin. I am 30 yrs old. I also have some sun spots on my face that can be covered with make up. I... READ MORE

IPL Vs. Fraxel Laser for Stubborn Sun Spots or Melasma?

I've tried many treatments for facial sun damage/melasma. My last attempt is either IPL or Fraxel Laser. Since they're both very costly, I'd like... READ MORE

Is IPL Treatment Working?

I had ipl for sunspots on face hands and arms 11 days age. Test patches caused coffee grinds but treatment has just caused mild darkening of patches.... READ MORE

IPL for Type IV Skin Tone

I am a 42 year old woman who is noticing more sun spots/freckles and brown spots lately (mainily after giving birth). I am considering IPL, but am a... READ MORE

Should I Proceed with my 3rd IPL Treatment Even Though my Results Are Very Poor So Far? (photo)

I had 2 IPL treatments (Triniti series). I had sun spots I wanted to get rid of & was told Triniti would be a good fit for my age (40) . It would... READ MORE

IPL + Laser but No Results

I have had 4 treatments combining sciton laser and IPL. I want rejuvinated looking skin. I am 38 have sun damage (wrinkles and sun spots) as well as... READ MORE

Timing Between IPL and Microdermabrasion

Hello... I am doing IPL to treat my rosacea, high pigmentation, sun and pregnancy spots. I also want to get microdermabrasion to achieve better... READ MORE

IPL for Facial Scars? (photo)

Hi, I am interested in getting IPL to fix the large dark scars on my cheek area along with sun spots, etc. I got the scars a few years ago from a... READ MORE

Are Different IPL Settings Required to Treat Mild Rosacea and Very Light Sun Spots or Can It Be Done at the Same Time?

My first IPL treatment removed most of the sun spots on my nose where they were most noticable and had some success with cappilaries around my nose.... READ MORE

IPL Treatments with No Browning?

I have had two IPL treatments with no browning. My sunspots appear darker than before. My dermatologist says spots were deep and now should have risen... READ MORE

Will my beauty marks/sun spots return after my IPL photofacial treatments? (Photo)

I have only got one treatment done so far and they faded a lot! I have three more sessions to go. I am planning on doing all three this month (march)... READ MORE

I Am a Redhead Who is a Slow Healer After Facial Treatments. What To Expect From These Treatments?

I Plan to Have an Aesthetican Perform 6 laser treatments, each one month apart, for broken capillaries, sun spots, freckles,etc. I am having IPL and... READ MORE

Does this look like the typical result the day after IPL for sunspots? (photo)

Got elos skin rejuvenation yesterday on my forearms. Setting was at 15. Include are pictures I took this morning less than 24 hours after procedure.... READ MORE

Is it safe to have IPL on the face during IVF treatment?

Is it safe to have IPL on the face for telangiectasia and sun spots, during the down regulation and stimulation phases of IVF treatment? READ MORE

Does IPL laser make sunspots come back worse when you get in the sun again?

I got a few IPL treatments a yr ago and only had a few spots on my nose from living in Hawaii as a child and getting sunburns. Most went away but a... READ MORE

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