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IPL Increase Risks of Pre-cancer Spots?

Can IPL photofacial increase chances of pre-cancer spots? I had two removed previously on face and want to know if this process could irritate a... READ MORE

IPL for Outdoorsy People?

I am a 50-ish female who is athletic; biking, ski instructor. What kind of skin treatments are recommended to even out my skin tone (basal scars,... READ MORE

IPL Spots Weeks Later - It Looks Like my Doctor Did Not Cover All the Areas of my Face

3 weeks after my IPL most of my face looks fine (all healed) but near my jaw line both sides- I can see white spots which is the new skin- next to my... READ MORE

Will the pink under my pigment spots from IPL treatment return to normal color?

The black pigmentation spots after my IPL session have started to fall off. However, skin that is under those brown spots have a pinkish tone that is... READ MORE

Will further laser treatments correct my striping? (Photo)

IPL on my back resulted in "striping". After 2nd treatment, still had areas with stripes. I went to different board certified dermatologist and have... READ MORE

IPL Hair Removal Polka Dots All over Treated Area? (photo)

Hi I had IPL hair removal treatment 2 weeks ago and the next day i noticed polka dots all over my thighs. i have had this area treated twice before... READ MORE

Can the temple and hairline areas of the face be treated with IPL?

During my first IPL treatment, I asked the technician if she was going to treat my temples as I have a lot of spots in those areas. She said that she... READ MORE

Is there anything an IPL laser can do that a Fractional C02 (Mixto) can't do just as well if not better? (photo)

Hi there, I have some spots on my nose and under it from some zits that turned into pinkish red blotches that just won't go away and I am considering... READ MORE

Lumeca ipl done about 4 weeks ago - 3 weeks later big patches appeared, melasma or pih? (photos)

So I got 2 or three zaps per side treating a few broken blood vessels and 2 small frekles. I was left with a huge spot redish brown. I got my... READ MORE

I had my third IPL treatment today. Spots got darker.

This time I feel the spots got darker causing some sort of "coffee grind" type of skin. Is this normal? I have been applying sunscreen, aloe vera and... READ MORE

What is this? (Photos)

This has been on my leg for about 4-5 months now. It itches very badly. New spots appear while the old ones start to heal. Itching obviously... READ MORE

I have done one treatment and the spots on my forehead are way too light now?

The spots on my cheeks have lightened up and look more even with my skin tone but the ones on my forehead turned very light compared to my whole... READ MORE

I Have Received Marks on my Face Like Acne Scarring After Having Ipl What Will Help Get my Skin Back to Normal?

I had ipl laser done on my face 2 get ridof my facial hair and on my 3rd treatment i started to see like spots on my cheeks which were very inflamed... READ MORE

Did my IPL pigmentation treatment actually work?

I had many IPL treatments over a couple of years on pigmentation on my upper cheeks. The spots were small to begin with but always came back. the last... READ MORE

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