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IPL for Sunspot Removal?

Are Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) systems such as Prolite II okay to use for sunspot removal? READ MORE

Removing Scabs After IPL

My face is still covered by very dark spots 2 days after IPL. I have a big presentation in 2 days. It is safe to remove half dried scab myself or... READ MORE

Can IPL Be Used to Remove a Tattoo?

I have heard that the best treatment for removing a tattoo is a Q-Switched YAG laser. However, when I do a search online, there are a huge number of... READ MORE

IPL Side Effects As Facial Hair Removal?

I want to have laser therapy for permanent hair removal in the face. What are the side effects when we do laser hair removal in the face through IPL ? READ MORE

How old do you have to be to get IPL for freckles?

I am 16 years old, almost 17 and I have freckles all over my face. I don't like how they look and i want them removed, is there any age limit on IPL... READ MORE

I'm 50 and my sun spots on my hands really show my "age", I have decided to go with the IPL Light Treatment Therapy to remove.

It is my understanding that this may take more than 1 treatment, spaced out (1 month apart). Is it normal think that my sun spots, or age spots on my... READ MORE

I've had an infection in my underarm years ago. Is it safe to do IPL considering this history?

So around 5 years ago I had an infection on my left my underarm. It's been already removed but will there be any complications if I do the IPL... READ MORE

Will Lidocaine/Prilocaine 2.5% blanch my skin?

I am having the capillaries on my face removed using an ipl laser. I was told not to pre-treat the area using lidocaine/prilocaine 2.5 because it will... READ MORE

IPL treatments caused marks on my legs, how can I get rid of them? (photo)

I purchased a laser treatment voucher. After 2sessions I got to know it was not laser but IPL. when I started my 1 session my legs had got marks but I... READ MORE

IPL to Remove Dark Spots/moles?

I have fair skin but have a few very dark spots about 2mm in diameter on my chest and neck, about 10 of them. They are regular in shape and flat on... READ MORE

Can IPL Be Used to Treat Scars?

I had a mole removed by radiosurgery. It was bright red, and over the last 7-8 months has become lighter, a brown color (not dissimilar to the mole).... READ MORE

I still have very bad swelling 1 week after having IPL to remove freckles on my arms. Is this normal?

I had IPL on my whole arms one week ago to remove freckles. The freckles have become darker and starting to look like they may start 'dissolving'.... READ MORE

How much IPL laser treatment worth rupees?

How much time is required to remove compleately pigmentation märks after IPL treatment READ MORE

What is the best freckles removal treatment for Asian skin? (photos)

I've started having freckles when I was 14 and since then I've tried whitening facials at the beauty salons, bleaching cream(from dermatologist) ,... READ MORE

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