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IPL Laser Recovery

Time to recover from IPL laser? any info about IPL post-treatment is very appreciated READ MORE

White Pimple-like Blisters After IPL

My goal is to get rid of red bumps due to Rosacea. After my first IPL treatment, my face was really red and swollen. After 24 hours, on top of the red... READ MORE

Chances of Side Effects from Palomar IPL Machine?

After being recommended IPL by my dermatologist for my sparse, thin beard because of chronic ingrown hairs and blemishes, I'm thinking of doing it.... READ MORE

Will my face ever recover from IPL laser treatments? (Photo)

I completed 5 treatments. Each 5-6 wk apart. The first 3 were ok. The 4th one I noticed my skin texture changing. As the days passed my skin became... READ MORE

Facial Swelling after IPL. How can I help to speed up recovery?

Hi, I had IPL 3 days ago and my face is extremely swollen. I have events coming up this week and are concerned about appearing in public. My cheeks... READ MORE

IPL burn recovery time?

I have recently had an IPL treatment gone wrong for freckles and I was burned. Once the scabs healed and fell off I've been left with lighter colored... READ MORE

IPL or Focus laser for a sun spot?

Trying to research the best laser for sunspots. Do they come back? Which has faster recovery and less painful? READ MORE

My eyebrows thinned dramatically during IPL treatments for rosacea. Will they recover? (Photo)

I've had 5 Vasculite treatments for rosacea & my eyebrows look thinner than I’ve ever seen them. I looked at pics of myself from prior to the t... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend to get rid of these red marks? Would IPL work? (Photos)

When I was a teenager my GP gave me a topical cream for what he thought was rosacea (never been convinced this is what it was and have never had... READ MORE

Crepey, thinner undereyes after IPL and NYag for Dark circles, 22 Yrs old. (photos)

I had 7 IPLs and 5 nYag in a course of 2.5 years to treat dark circles. Even after the first treatment, I noticed crepey eyes after recovery. Eyes... READ MORE

Recovery time of IPL burns on my forehead .

IPL burnt marks on forehead. Time to heal. MEDICATION. WILL IT BE NORMAL AGAIN. READ MORE

IPL lasers: what to expect?

I am planning to have a freckle removal in the near future using an IPL laser. What should I expect for recovery and pain levels? Thank you. READ MORE

Can hypopigmentation from being burned during an IPL treatment be permanent? (Photos)

My forehead was burned during IPL tratment 3 weeks ago. The hypopigmentation is not getting better. How long does it take to recover? Does it recover... READ MORE

3 days after second IPL (Asian skin). Will it recover with no scar? (Photo)

My skin problem is ance so many at my face...and now im did first IPL but in 1 weeks appear so many ance,i was so worry and why be like thats?..after... READ MORE

IPL, is this normal?

2 weeks ago I had my annual maintenance IPL; but the healing is taking longer now. The healing seems delayed. To be clear, there is no specific... READ MORE

Pitted acne scars on cheeks. Is my recovery on point, or is it more severe? (Photo)

When I was 25 I suffered from acne and let acne scars on cheeks So in October 2016 I received an IPL treatment and it lightened my marks tremendously.... READ MORE

IPL for little facial veins or other options? What is the best option when it comes to both cost and recovery?

I have redness from these little broken capillaries around my nose and cheeks and want them removed. READ MORE

Sickly Pale After IPL. Will my Color Return?

I had 3 IPL photofacials. Now I look horribly pale. Like an ill person. The doc says that I have returned to my normal tone. She suggested that if I... READ MORE

Post IPL Recovery Question

Having IPL on arms & confused on post process regarding sun exposure. I read "avoid sun exposure & apply sun screen for X period of time".I currently... READ MORE

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