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White Pimple-like Blisters After IPL

My goal is to get rid of red bumps due to Rosacea. After my first IPL treatment, my face was really red and swollen. After 24 hours, on top of the red... READ MORE

Is IPL okay to use for my skin? Is it too risky? (photos)

I'm considering IPL but am not sure if it is the right treatment for me.... I am after an opinion from a professional who isn't trying to sell me on a... READ MORE

Home treatment using IPL or LED for small pimples, acne scar, visible pores and skin slight redness?

I'm currently trying to find a device that can improve on my skin condition. I'm already using clarisonic cleansing system to cleanse my face. I went... READ MORE

Are itchy pimple-like bumps normal after IPL for Rosacea?

I had my first IPL 3 days ago to treat Rosacea. Last night I started noticing some itchy bumps/pimples appearing around my face. Last night I also... READ MORE

Can IPL laser flatten scar tissue?

I have two very small pimple like scars on my chin that are slightly raised. They came from cystic pimples. They are very soft. Apparantly they are... READ MORE

I have mild rosacea with a few pimples on the nose. Would IPL be an effective treatment?

I have only been diagnosed this week and I am now using metrogel twice a day. I have been looking at IPL as another treatment option. Is it better to... READ MORE

IPL Treatment for dark spot leftover by a pimple?

About 2 months ago I had a really big pimple on my cheek and now its gone and the skin is completely smooth and flat; however there is dark spot... READ MORE

Why does Photofacial IPL urge pimples to appear on the skin which no acnes on it?

Ten days after I got my first Photofacial IPL treatment by a dermatologist, Flat red pimples started to appear on my whole face with no pimples. Unl... READ MORE

IPL, chemical peel, extraction and isotretinoin. Should I stop isotretinoin now?

I did 2 intensed pulse light already. during second IPL treatment, dr did the extraction and chemical peel (not sure the concentration, know having... READ MORE

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