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Post-IPL Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation

I am indian female 22yrs. i had some tanning on my forehead and my dr suggested ipl ,but after ipl my skin scabbed and now my whole face is... READ MORE

What to Expect After IPL Hair Removal on Legs?

Hi I had my first IPL session on full legs three days ago, prior to that I had a patch test. I was alright for the first day but now I have red... READ MORE

I had ipl on patches of my legs 5 hours ago. I'm so worried about what's happened? (photo)

The beautician told me to mark the areas in advance. I did so with black marker pen. She went over the lines themselves and now I have raised dark red... READ MORE

2 weeks after IPL treatment my skin is patchy and uneven toned. Will the discoloration ever go away?

I am a white 37 years old woman. I had some redness on my face so the practitioner gave me an IPL treatment, it left my face very uneven toned now... READ MORE

IPL and patchy facial hair regrowth.

Sorry to bother but I had a single IPL session in Bali for sun damage and I now have bare 'bands' where my beard used to be. I didn't expect or want... READ MORE

I Am of South East Asian Heritage, and Had Very Dark Arms Because of Sun Damage, So I Started IPL Sessions and Have Blisters?

I am of south east asian heritage, and had very dark arms because of sun damage, so i started IPL sessions, had 7 sessins a month apart, i was getting... READ MORE

My skin is severely damaged. I have severe discoloration patches, wrinkles, dark spots and acne scarring (Photo)

Although the photos do my face justice its still has a long way to go. Here are some photos that show my progressing from the 3 Ipl treatments i... READ MORE

I received an IPL treatment yesterday. Is this hypopigmentaion? (Photo)

I received a IPL treatment yesterday and my face was immediately red and tender after treatment. Today I noticed a white patch? Would hypo... READ MORE

A patch left after IPL.

I had IPL for broken capillaries. My last treatment left me with a round, darkened patch on my cheek that is over an inch in circumference The patch... READ MORE

Lumeca ipl done about 4 weeks ago - 3 weeks later big patches appeared, melasma or pih? (photos)

So I got 2 or three zaps per side treating a few broken blood vessels and 2 small frekles. I was left with a huge spot redish brown. I got my... READ MORE

I had small brown spots removed by IPL. Later I had huge brown patches and scarring created by IPL. Do I do IPL again?

I had 2 IPL treatments to remove small brown spots on my cheeks and it was successful. Then, a year later, I went to a different doctor and had a... READ MORE

Does IPL treat inflamed/raised skin caused by rosacea on the nose?

I have rosacea on my nose, causing patches of raised/inflamed skin. Will IPL treatment be able to treat this inflammation? or does it just reduce the... READ MORE

Brown patches after IPL. Is it something that'll go away? (Photo)

I know the IPL is supposed to make any existing hyperpimentation more noticeable but I got some huge brown patches on my forehead where it was clear... READ MORE

Fitzspatrick skin type 3 Dark patches/burns post IPL Photo rejuvenation - will they fade? (photo)

I had IPL Photo rejuvenation to my forearms and hands. Immediately after treatment I noticed redish patches. Within a few hours they became darker.... READ MORE

Possible IPL hyperpigmentation (photos)

I had an IPL session for some old hyperpigmentation one month ago. The skin picked up some light from machine, and I recieved rectangular patches that... READ MORE

White age spots can they group together and get bigger with IPL?

Hi I have white age spots on my legs (Idiopathic guttate)but now I think I have them on my chest.i couldn't really see them but I've had ipl ill and... READ MORE

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