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My Skin Changed for the Worse Soon After IPL. Is my Skin Possibly Damaged from the IPL? (photo)

Been getting IPL 3x year for the last 6 years for Rosacia. It has worked well to keep the flareups and redness to a minimum. However, this past summer... READ MORE

Can IPL Remove or Thin out Facial Hair?

I've had trouble shaving for years, and it's very painful for me. I also have very sensitive skin and after I shave my face is red, blotchy, and in... READ MORE

Is the Application of a Cooling Gel Necessary Before IPL Skin Rejuvenation?

The therapist I have booked a treatment with does not apply a cooling gel to the face before treatment, and only cools the skin with a cool pack. Will... READ MORE

I had my 3rd IPL on my chest today and got severe burns, what can I do to heal this atrocity? (photos)

My 3rd IPL on my chest, yes I did have a tan, but the same as the last 2 times which went great.The NP that performed past treatments left so the Dr.... READ MORE

IPL Vs Genesis Laser for Facial Spider Veins Effective?

I recently purchased a package of 2 IPL treatments to treat redness and to get rid of a few spider veins on my nose and cheeks. I had my first IPL... READ MORE

Treatment for IPL Complications?

In February, I had a "Vitalize" chemical peel which left some red capillaries. I went back a month later to have an IPL treatment for... READ MORE

Brazilian IPL?

I have done brazilian IPL for the past one year (more than 10 times), however on my last treatment (which is about 1 - 2 months interval), it was... READ MORE

Why Is There No Difference After 2nd IPL Session?

After my 1st IPL session, I had immediate dark spots that fell off within a week! Great improvement! 4 wks later, at my 2nd IPL session (at another... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Treatment for Recovering SJS Patient?

I've got hyperpigmentation spots all over my body after recovering from Steven-Johnson Syndrome. Is the IPL laser the best way to get rid of these... READ MORE

Any Way to Reduce Pain of IPL More Effective Than Lidocaine Cream?

I have had IPL in the past to treat redness and sun damage and LOVE the results, as I have very fair skin. However, though I really want more... READ MORE

IPL Treatment for Arm. Interval Between Treatments?

I have had 13 treatments of ipl for hair removal on arm. After which I still have hairs. The first four treatments were spaced weekly apart. After... READ MORE

Blisters and pain up and down arms after IPL freckle removal treatment. Was I burned? (photos)

I had an IPL freckle removal procedure done by an RN and had some pretty intense pain after (could barely drive home). The pain went away after... READ MORE

IPL damaged my skin barrier. What can I do to heal and protect my skin?

I had IPL 5 months ago. Since then my skin has been dehydrated and sensitive to everything except for epiceram. I need to find a sunscreen that my... READ MORE

What Will Happen After Forgetting to Put the Filter on IPL Hand Pieces?

I am a doctor. My staff forgot to put the filter on IPL hand pieces. I set the energy intensity at 17 Jules using for rejuvenation at cheek. The... READ MORE

Pain and Cost - Should I Continue Being Treated by IPL?

I have Skin Type IV and been treated by IPL hair reduction in 4 sessions,with 4,6 and 8 weeks intervals(the whole body).Based on the blood tests and... READ MORE

IPL has left me with vaginal burns - will this heal?

I had my first IPL session about 10 days ago and for the past 5-6 days I have had an extremely painful sensation when I shower/pee/apply any sort of... READ MORE

Can IPL treatment cause a person to lose fat on their face?

I had an IPL treatment 3 years ago. The treatment was excruciatingly painful. I think the setting was too high. Two weeks after the treatment, I got... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Experience Muscle Aches After IPL?

I had my 1st session for the underarms yesterday and I have a bad ache in my shoulder and down my arm. Is that normal? It's as if I did some... READ MORE

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