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IPL for Leg Scarring?

I'm a 40 years of age, brown-skinned male, with injury scars on both of my legs. I recently searched online for treatment to remove the scars. I want... READ MORE

Just Had Second Ipl Treatment on Hands

Hi just had second treatment on hands with ipl. Doctor said he was disappointed with results of first treatment. Spots darkened but never faded. He... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burns: How to Prevent Scarring?

Hi. Recently I traveled to China and recieved laser hair removal treatments for my legs. I believe the machine used was an IPL machine. All of my... READ MORE

Got Brown Spot from Using At-home IPL Device! What Should I Do From Here?

I recently bought RedMD from Amazon and first use of 30 min gave me glow, dryness and a large brown line on each side of nasolabial folds, I also get... READ MORE

IPL Photofacial and Microneedling? (Photo)

I purchased a Groupon deal with 3 IPL Photofacial treatments or 3 micro needling treatments. I am able to use a mixture of these treatments if I want.... READ MORE

Upset and Very Scared After Ipl. Afraid my Face is Ruined. Eyes Are Swollen Shut and Bruising.

I received ipl yesterday for a few broken capillaries on my cheeks and a couple patches of over pigmentation due to hormone replacement therapy. I am... READ MORE

How to get rid of blotchy redness on upper arms? (Photo)

I have blotchy upper arms but no bumps. Is there a treatment out there that would help reduce the redness like IPL or a chemical peel? Any... READ MORE

IPL for Fair Skin Types?

I am fair skinned (high type II or low type III) and my skin turns red easily -- just 20-30 minutes in the sun without protection and I'm red (more... READ MORE

Does IPL Give Effective Results?

I am currently undergoing IPL hair removal treatment on the bikinni area, but I have been told that after a year or two from the treatment, the hair... READ MORE

What is the Best Procudure to Get Rid of Large Amount of Brown Spots, Freckles on my Back?

I have had a IPL treatment on my back. Just one treatment, and they are not crusting over like they should. They are raised, will I need another... READ MORE

Best Treatment for White Patches Left After IPL?

Today is the tenth day after my IPL procedure. All the scabs are gone, but I was left with white patches where the scabs were. What is the best... READ MORE

IPL Laser Tissue Damage

I had a doctor do IPL on some facial veins a few months ago, which left me with a blotchy and scratchy skin texture. I have some inflamed whiteheads... READ MORE

IPL Burn Marks. What Is My Best Option? (photo)

Hi i have had 1 session of ipl treatmen to get rid of pigmentation on my face. The area which was burnt was very paniful for about an hour and then... READ MORE

IPL Burns on Legs, 6months and Still Have PIH. What Do You Suggest? (photo)

I got IPL hair removal on my legs, but my whole thigh was severly burnt. Its been 6 months now and i have brown marks all over my thigh. What do you... READ MORE

Is IPL or Laser Peel Best to Get Rid of Pigmentation on Asian Skin?

I’m an Asian woman (49 y/o) with pigmentation on my face. I had flawless skin in my 20s/30s, but when my face began to develop tiny brown spots,... READ MORE

Treatments for Jowls and Sun Damage in Mid-30s Skin?

I am starting to see significant signs of age, and I would like to do whatever I can to slow it down! I did a series of IPL treatments for sun damage,... READ MORE

IPL Not Helping with Red Skin: What else Can I Do?

I'm 23. I've had red skin forever. I found a picture of myself when I was 11 & it looks like I was sunburnt. This is how it's always... READ MORE

Haven't Had Any Results After Two IPL Treatments For Acne Scars; What Can I Do? (photo)

I have acne scare on my face and i want to remove that. my dr suggest me for ipl acne mode and i start that on first i didnt got any result. its fine... READ MORE

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