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How to treat dark spots after pregnancy?

I got melasma during my pregnancy. I feel my dark spots on my forehead and cheeks are getting darker. Will IPL be a treatment for my condition or... READ MORE

Best Melasma, Redness and Large Pores Treatment for Sensitive Skin?

I am 33 years old, and have sensitive skin (i.e. I don't respond well to glycolic acid). My cocerns are: slight browness/possible melasma on my... READ MORE

IPL Vs. Fraxel Laser for Stubborn Sun Spots or Melasma?

I've tried many treatments for facial sun damage/melasma. My last attempt is either IPL or Fraxel Laser. Since they're both very costly, I'd like... READ MORE

IPL Before Pregnancy Via IVF

I just had an IPL treatment done today. I'm concerned because I just read from Dr. Mary Lupo's comment that pregnancy hormones can accelerate or... READ MORE

I've had 2 IPLs on face in 2 mths. Last was 4 wks ago. I now have more dark spots and nothing has flaked off. What do I do now?

I have no before and after pictures, but I've had 2 IPL treatments on face in 8 wks. I now have more dark spots (big spots, not coffee ground dots),... READ MORE

I had a 20 % TCA peel 4 weeks ago and my skin looks horrid. Would ipl fix this disaster? (photo)

I suffer from Melasma and the dermatologist said it would remove the pigment better than ipl as it was only quite light...the tca peel appears to have... READ MORE

47 yo. IPL/chemical peel on same day. Procedure was explained but after reviews I'm worried. Am I a good candidate? (Photo)

I had an IPL treatment done 15 years ago to remove brown spots and get rid of rosacea/blemishes and it worked great! I now have more rosacea and brown... READ MORE

IPL/photofacial and residual light melasma?

I was on bc pills for 10 years and developed upper lip melasma towards the end. Since going off 2 years ago it has faded and is now barely noticeable... READ MORE

1) Are IPL treatments effective for mild, epidemal melasma? 2) Should I continue with more IPL treatments?

8 years ago I noticed a light brown macule (1cm x 1cm) on my upper left cheek, it was very light and unnoticeable, it didn't darken until 2 yrs ago, a... READ MORE

I have had two fraxel dual laser treatments and still have melasma spots. I was thinking about getting IPL treatment. (photos)

But scared my face will burn I burned in 2 spots from the fraxel on my lip and has left white scar marks on my lips also will the IPL get rid of the... READ MORE

Lumeca ipl done about 4 weeks ago - 3 weeks later big patches appeared, melasma or pih? (photos)

So I got 2 or three zaps per side treating a few broken blood vessels and 2 small frekles. I was left with a huge spot redish brown. I got my... READ MORE

If this is melasma caused by IPL lumeca is it harder to treat then hormonal melasma or melasma that's just caused? (Photos)

How will I know how deep this is and is it harder to go away then melasma not caused by a laser. I have never had melasma. READ MORE

Can I use Obagi on my face and IPL on my arms simultaneously?

I want to use Obagi again to treat my melasma (caused by two pregnancies and years of oral birth control use.) I'd also like to take care of the sun... READ MORE

Had IPL Lumeca 1 mo ago. Everything was fine until 1 wk ago noticed a quarter size red brown spot. Is it melasma or PIH? (Photo)

Everything was great until a week ago. Have been avoiding sun. It flaked off and did what it was supposed to. Not sure if this is melasma poping up or... READ MORE

IPL for sun spots (but I have melasma)?

About 5 years ago I did some laser treatments on my skin, IPL and Genesis. All went well until I went to Mexico and came back with melasma above my... READ MORE

Here's an update to looking worse after 2nd IPL.

I posted a few days ago about ipl and my malasma. I got busy and started exfoliating my skin myself. With a cleanser and an eyebrow brush. Most of the... READ MORE

IPL photo rejuvenation session. Is this normal and does this look like Melasma or sun damage? (Photo)

Hi I got a ipl photo rejuvenation done 24 hours ago. My forehead instantly went dark brown , does this look like melasma instead of sun damage over... READ MORE

Moved to an area with a lot of sun and trying to stay on top of melasma. What's my safest bet?

Ive been getting IPLS on a fairly regular basis and was using peels and spotting with triluma before I moved to a very, very sunny location. I apply... READ MORE

What to do when scab peels off after IPL, leaving whitish/slight pinkish "new" skin? (photo)

Had IPL on entire face 4 days ago by RN. I had pigmentation (melasma?) at forehead, so levels there were set higher. Device used was Alma 360; it was... READ MORE

Wanting to know information regarding IPL (magic skin machine). Any suggestions?

I have had IPL under my eyes several times now and it has seemed to work except for this time where my melasma has worsened. I look about 15 years... READ MORE

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