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IPL Marks Permanent?

One of my friends had her arms treated with IPL, and she had marks all over the area after the treatment. The marks were itching for 4 days and were... READ MORE

I Have Rectangular Markings 3 Days Post-IPL on Chest/Neck. How Can I Heal Quickly?

I am terrified that I will have permanent marks after reading many horror stories. I've had this done before (2 years ago)and didn't have the... READ MORE

Will my beauty marks/sun spots return after my IPL photofacial treatments? (Photo)

I have only got one treatment done so far and they faded a lot! I have three more sessions to go. I am planning on doing all three this month (march)... READ MORE

I have marks & texture w/ indentations I have received since having an IPL treatment. Is there a way to get rid of them? (photo)

I recently had ipl for the first time. It's been just over a mouth since I had my treatment and I seem to have rectangular marks all over my forehead... READ MORE

Would this scar heel as it is caused by IPL laser hair removal? (photos)

Hi I have had ipl laser treatment done and the following day I realise there was a mark on my skin, it was also swollen now the swelling has gone down... READ MORE

I have white marks after an IPL treatment, will they go away? (photo)

I had my 4th session of ipl after after thetreatment my skinned went brown i apploed bactroban and silver gel after the brown marks flaked off i am... READ MORE

Will I have permanent marks on face after having done my IPL Hair removal treatment today? (photos)

I had my second IPL session treatment today done on my facial cheeks and ended up with a burning left cheek for over an hour. I believe the tech had... READ MORE

What can be done to correct IPL treatment that left "machine mark" light rectangles all over my arms ? (photos)

As you can see the pigmentation of the skin where the laser surface pressed the skin. The procedure was to intense for a first time IPL and was not... READ MORE

IPL Burn - should I be doing anything else? (photos)

Photo of my back 10 days after my first ever IPL treatment (back, face, hands, chest). I have dark rectangular marks (they went from red to brown).... READ MORE

Day 4 post IPL and never had markings like these. Are they normal? (Photo)

I've received IPL facials in the past. My skin got coffee grind markings and then flaked off, but they the markings looked like freckles and my skin... READ MORE

Tanned area skin burn after IPL laser treatment. (Photo)

I normally take laser treatment for upperbody and I have never had any problems. A few weeks ago I was at beach and half of my upper arms were tanned.... READ MORE

I have streak marks on forehead and cheeks after my first IPL Treatment. (photos)

2 weeks ago I had my first IPL treatment. Im left with streak marks on my forehead and cheeks. I was initially told by the RN that I would need... READ MORE

Are these IPL burned marks, PIH, or just normal browning? (photo)

I got these around my mouth 2 days after my IPL session, which had never occurred to me before. Just wondering if they are burned? PIH? or they are... READ MORE

Is there a limit for IPL/VBeam treatments?

If you have IPL or VBeam laser treatments to help with redness and brown marks, is there a limit to how many I should do? Will too many laser... READ MORE

Is it expected to have scratch-like marks and cuts after an IPL Photofacial? (Photo)

I had my first IPL Photofacial yesterday morning. By the end of the night I had dark scratlike marks all over my face and some cuts. I have looked at... READ MORE

A week ago I had my first IPL treatment on my lower legs. Since then had scratch marks on my legs. Could these be burns? (Photo)

I have a pretty high pain threshold so during the IPL the treatment was bearable. . I am also on Lymecycline for acne but I discussed with... READ MORE

No Pigmentation Marks After IPL Treatment Normal?

I just had an IPL laser treatment done to me today but i haven't experienced any sign of pigmentation marks or "coffee grinds"? Is that normal? did... READ MORE

How long will it take to improve Hypopigmentation after IPL? Should I use something to treat it? (photo)

It's been 2.5 months since I have had IPL on my legs. I now have squares on my legs that are lighter in color. There was no burn involved. They seem... READ MORE

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