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Is IPL Effective for Male Thick Beard?

I'm having a full body treatment with IPL. i'm having great results in any part of body but not in face. I'm considering Laser Diode for... READ MORE

Chances of Side Effects from Palomar IPL Machine?

After being recommended IPL by my dermatologist for my sparse, thin beard because of chronic ingrown hairs and blemishes, I'm thinking of doing it.... READ MORE

Will the Burn Marks Disappear on my Leg After IPL Treatment?

I had IPL treatment on 16 April 11, nearly two weeks, the burn marks are getting darker, no sign of disappearance. I extremely concern these will... READ MORE

35% TCA Peel or IPL Laser for Wrinkles on Male Face?

Which one of these 2 procedures would you recommend for facial wrinkles for males? Especially under the eyes? I have a fair/light skin, age 37. READ MORE

Getting Rid of Redness Without Damage to Facial Hair

(i am 19yr male). i have been considering getting ipl done to get rid of the redness that stretches across my cheeks (it covers areas of facial hair)... READ MORE

Will an IPL Photofacial cause facial hair loss?

I recently had an IPL Photofacial. I've notice in the past 2 weeks, there are areas on my face that are not growing back. I discussed this with the... READ MORE

IPL for Reducing Facial Hair or Stubble?

I am considering IPL treatment to reduce the appearance of my stubble/facial hair, especially around the chin. I'm most probably looking at one... READ MORE

IPL for the Treatment of a Facial Nevus?

I am a 26 yr old male patient, complaining of a facial nevus on the left beard area. i was once told its a Beckers nevus. Am undergoing IPL treatment... READ MORE

Hair Loss on Mens Faces After Receiving IPL Treatments? What to Do to Restore Hair Growth?

After IPL facial hair loss in a man is there anything to help the hair grow back faster? READ MORE

Would 1 IPL treatment permanently remove facial hair on upper beard area? (Photo)

I am an 18 year old male and like having facial hair. I received the treatment about 3 weeks ago. A tiny part of my upper beard area was treated on my... READ MORE

Which IPL device is better to remove pubic hair for man ?

It safe to use ipl hair removal on pubic area ( penis and scrotum ) ? I read about proudct from ( me my elos ) and they said it can use also in dark... READ MORE

What if IPL Did Not Help? V-beam? (photo)

Hello, I'm a 19 y/o man with a permanent red skin (cheeks & nose, also some vissible veins, no pustules and papules), it started when i was 15-16.... READ MORE

Can photo facial with IPL help get rid of a clogged sebaceous pore? Or what should I do? (photos)

Ok so im a 47 year old male, have had to IPL treatments for spiderveins on left side of my cheek, somewhat effective. Now i have had 1 photofacial and... READ MORE

How much can IPL really accomplish? (Photo)

I am a 47 year old male who was suffering from facial spider veins on cheeks and on the bridge of my nose. I had vascular lazer treatment, with good... READ MORE

Will my poikilodermia of civatte fade?

I am a male aged 37 with skin type 1. I have had progressive poikilodermia of Civatte for the last two and a half years on sides of my neck. It got... READ MORE

Soprano Ice Platinum (Alma Lasers) or Nordlys IPL (Ellipse) for hair removal, dark skin male (back/shoulders)

Most of the clinics in my state offers different types of IPL, alexandrite or diode laser (No Nd Yag laser). My best 2 options are following: *Soprano... READ MORE

IPL for arms?

I am 63 old male with arms that are sundamaged. Brown spots and bad looking skin. Does or will IPL on my arms give my arms a younger appearance? READ MORE

Facial IPL treatment - I have a beard and want to keep it. How can it be done?

Male - mid-forties, with olive skin (type IV). Black beard (with white hair in some places) I am considering IPL treatment for sun spots on my face.... READ MORE

jan marini regeneration booster - worth it?

31 year old male. redness on face especially corners of nose. derm is giving me ipl and he recommendee me this product. its around 200 dollars it... READ MORE

Is it safe to pluck facial hair before IPL?

Hi, I am a male with some redness and post acne marks on my left cheek. I had one IPL months ago and the results were great. I wanted to go a little... READ MORE

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