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I Have Been Told That Certain IPL Procedures or Machines Are Better Than Others?

One of my doctors uses Limelight (and says there are only 2 highly effective machines for IPL, Limelight being one of them) and another one uses... READ MORE

Best IPL Photofacial machines?

I am interested in the IPL Photofacial to help remove the permanent redness (broken capillaries?) on my face. However, I want to make sure I go... READ MORE

Are all IPL machines the same?

Hi, there tend to be quite big discrepancies when it comes to the price of IPL per session in different salons, why? If they all use similar equipment... READ MORE

Don't want to shave neck/face before IPL. Any suggestions?

Ive just bought an IPL home machine But I really don't want to shave as preperarion for the treatment. I don't have a massive load of dark hair... READ MORE

Strength of the IPL machine vs the hand held Ultra Renew Plus for home use for hyperpigmentation?

I am wondering if there is a great differenced in strength of light in the IPL treatments at my Plastic surgeons office v.s. using the Ultra Renew... READ MORE

Are My IPL Treatments Being Administered Correctly?

Im currently having IPL and Im not sure she is using the machine correctly. I've had it done before and would feel a flick from the machine. She... READ MORE

What can be done to correct IPL treatment that left "machine mark" light rectangles all over my arms ? (photos)

As you can see the pigmentation of the skin where the laser surface pressed the skin. The procedure was to intense for a first time IPL and was not... READ MORE

Second IPL treatment and no coffee ground. (photos)

Hello! I had my second IPL treatmeny yesterday and I still see no coffee grounds! It is my skin or the machine? During the treatment it burned like... READ MORE

What should the IPL machine setting be to safely do the IPL procedure without getting a bad burned face or horrible results?

I am a light to medium skin tone face Hispanic whom has developed facial melasma on both front cheeks. I have always taken care of my face and skin.... READ MORE

IPL, are there any differences amongst the machines?

I have had IPL for reducing redness, sun damage, wrinkles plus improving skin texture and tone. Sometimes the results are sensational yet other times... READ MORE

Can IPL cause damage through user error or wrong settings? What laser would damage skin/fat? Permanent repair options? (photo)

Most doctors claim there is no way an IPL could do this type of damage and yet here I am, with this damage. A lumenis machine with multiple function... READ MORE

Do all IPL machines use the same technology? Do they all work the same?

I got IPL on my face a week ago. The treatment didn't hurt at all, I didn't get red or dark anywhere afterwards. I'm not flaking at all. Do you think... READ MORE

Can the light from IPL photo rejuvenation machine cause damage?

Ive had photorejuvenation on the entire face, but even with closed eyes, i can still see the red light. now ive been getting headaches and feel dizzy... READ MORE

Why is IPL not working to treat freckles on forearms?

I have had 4 IPL sessions to treat freckles on my forearms. The last 3 treatments have been on the highest setting. I have fair skin with light... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Whole face cracked after IPL 8 years ago - should I try again?

I had the procedure done 8 years ago and I didn't take pictures as I just wanted it to be over, but the doctor did refund my payment. First, it was... READ MORE

What are the differences between IPL for hair removal or skin care?

I see IPL machines made for hair removal and different IPL machines for skin rejuvenation. What is the difference if they're both IPL? Cold you use a... READ MORE

I did 3 days later, my chest has persistent red and brown markings and is starting to peel. Is this normal?

I am fitzpatrick 1 or 2. This is my second IPL treatment. The first IPL I did, I was red for 24 hrs, within a week I had some pigmentation around the... READ MORE

What would someone mean that not all IPL lasers are created equal?

If someone then has hyperpigmentation on their skin due to sun exposure on a fresh surgical scar that was not protected by spf, then how would they... READ MORE

IPL treatment burn? (Photos)

I just got ipl machine ,the trainer told me not to do on tan skin ,I did a client with tan skin ,one side I go low ,it's ok .the other side she's told... READ MORE

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