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IPL Laser Hypopigmentation

I had IPL 1 week ago on my chest for hyperpigmentation. Should I be worried now about post treatment hypopigmention? Directly after the treatment I... READ MORE

Will Hypopigmentation After IPL Get Better?

Will the hypopigmentation from IPL improve with time and if so, for how much time? Or should I start considering Active FX? No one where I live seems... READ MORE

IPL Safety Measures?

I am a light-skinned female interested in IPL to remove freckles from sun on my chest, shoulders and back. After reading many of the horror stories... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation After IPL?

I had IPL done on my face, chest, back and arms back in January. My face and chest turned out fine. However, 3-4 weeks after, my back and arms dropped... READ MORE

What effect will IPL have on moles? What will they look like after?

I'm considering IPL for treatment of my hyper pigmentation from cumulative sun damage on my face. But I have many small 1-2mm moles on my face as well... READ MORE

Does IPL Cause HYPER- or HYPO-pigmentation of a Mole?

I'm getting mixed messages - some say to avoid IPL on moles because it causes HYPERpigmentation, whereas others use IPL to remove moles! I... READ MORE

IPL Treatment Setting for Freckles?

I want to get IPL on my face and body for brown freckles (not moles or melasma, just plain old freckles). They are very light so they are difficult... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation from IPL Due to Residual Tan, Options? (photo)

Today is march 21 and I had ipl done on Sept 20!It has been 6months since&I need help with hypopigmentation.1st of all, I was planning on getting... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation on Face from IPL Two Wks Ago. Dr Recommending Jessner or Perfect Peel, is It Safe?

Hypopigmentation on Face from IPL Two Wks Ago. Dr Recommending Jessner or Perfect Peel, is It Safe? READ MORE

More IPL in Between the Hypopigmented Areas? See Picture

This is what my provider wants to do help blend in the areas of hypo skin and normal skin. Is this wise? Will it make things worse? Or should I just... READ MORE

I Am Indian and Had Ipl 7 Weeks Ago I Have Been Left with Hypopigmentation Will This Return Normal?

I have since spoke to a dermatologist who has recommended fraxel restore dual is this the way to go. When I had the ipl treatment my arms were more... READ MORE

6 days after IPL, spots forehead is lighter. Is this Hypopigmentation? (photo)

I had IPL done last Friday (6days ago) and I had no burns,blisters, or too much swelling. My primary concern was broken caps on my right cheek. On day... READ MORE

IPL Hypopigmentation - HELP! (Photo)

I had IPL 3 weeks ago and have SEVERE hypopigmentation all over my shoulders and arms. I'm devastated. Is there any way to even this out? READ MORE

Can I Get IPL with Dark Skin and Problems with Hyperpigmentation?

Moderately dark skin + problems with Hyper/Hypopigmentation = good candidate for IPL? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Hypo Pigmentation After IPL (Hair Removal) in a Different Part of the Body?

I had my first IPL hair removal treatments - a half leg and under arm - and within 2 weeks have hypo pigmentation on my arms and lower back. Is this... READ MORE

One week after the IPL. There is some hypopigmentation that has occurred. I was a little tan when I had the procedure. (photo)

I returned to the spa where I received the procedure and the girl said this should not scar if I stay out of the sun. Will the skin go back to normal... READ MORE

IPL burn blisters - hypopigmentation? (Photo)

Hi there, I was burned by limelight IPL 8 days ago. My burn blisters are starting to heal but I am wondering if this looks like hypopigmentation or if... READ MORE

Is This a Cause of a Permanent HYPOpigmentation or It is New Regererated Skin Which Will Regain Its Color Once Exposed to Sun?

I had IPL for hair removal. I deveopled brown skin flaking and 2 blisters. After the brown flakes flaked away it left me with a pink skin. After some... READ MORE

IPL treatment last week for dark spots on my neck. A long patch on my chin has peeled & now has exposed pink skin. (photo)

I am an African-American female. Last week ( 4 days ago) I received IPL treatment ( Vascular and Hyperpigmentation) by an esthetician. A long strip on... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation after IPL hair removal treatment? (Photo)

Its one month post IPL... developed hypopigmented to treat it..will it go?? how much time it will take?? is it permenent?? READ MORE

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