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IPL Hyperpigmentation

I had a photofacial/IPL procedure done 4 days ago. I expected that my hyperpigmented blotches would be peeling off by now, but they still haven't.... READ MORE

IPL Recovery: Has Skin Picking Caused Damage?

I have light olive Asian skin and just got my IPL treatment 1.5 days ago. No serious reactions yet, just slight flaking. My brown spots and freckles... READ MORE

How Often Can I Do IPL?

Hello, I've had IPL for multiples issues, acne and acne scars on my face; brown spots/hyperpigmentation on a surgical scar and for spider veins on my... READ MORE

Proper Treatment of Hyperpigmentation After IPL?

On my second IPL treatment, my left and right cheeks got burned. The doctor told me to apply some steroid cream. After 2 weeks, part of my cheek... READ MORE

IPL or Fraxel Laser to Treat Hyperpigmentation on Leg?

About 4 years ago I had sclerotherapy on my legs and as a result, have some pretty nasty-looking hyperpigmentation areas. I'm nervous about what to do... READ MORE

What to Do About IPL Burn?

I had an IPL done 9 months ago and was burnt. It created an irregular pigmentation on my skin that I still can't get rid for 9 months. It almost looks... READ MORE

IPL for Perifollicular Hyperpigmentation on Leg?

I have this perifollicular hyperpigmentation due to laser diode hair removal. Could this be improved with IPL pigment treatment? there is no keloid... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Treatment for Recovering SJS Patient?

I've got hyperpigmentation spots all over my body after recovering from Steven-Johnson Syndrome. Is the IPL laser the best way to get rid of these... READ MORE

Any Suggestions for Burn Marks on my Nose After IPL?

I am of Asian origin. I have had 4 successful treatments for pigmentation on my nose. On my last visit, I received what I believe is a contact burn on... READ MORE

IPL + Laser but No Results

I have had 4 treatments combining sciton laser and IPL. I want rejuvinated looking skin. I am 38 have sun damage (wrinkles and sun spots) as well as... READ MORE

Post-IPL Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation

I am indian female 22yrs. i had some tanning on my forehead and my dr suggested ipl ,but after ipl my skin scabbed and now my whole face is... READ MORE

What effect will IPL have on moles? What will they look like after?

I'm considering IPL for treatment of my hyper pigmentation from cumulative sun damage on my face. But I have many small 1-2mm moles on my face as well... READ MORE

47 Years Old with Hyperpigmentation on my face. Would cryosurgery treatment freeze the hyper pigmentation? (photos)

I have brown Spots on my face and I did all the facial peelings,used bleaching creams and I did an IPL TREAT at the Celebration Cosmetic Surgery but... READ MORE

Does IPL Cause HYPER- or HYPO-pigmentation of a Mole?

I'm getting mixed messages - some say to avoid IPL on moles because it causes HYPERpigmentation, whereas others use IPL to remove moles! I... READ MORE

IPL Treatment Setting for Freckles?

I want to get IPL on my face and body for brown freckles (not moles or melasma, just plain old freckles). They are very light so they are difficult... READ MORE

Is IPL or Laser Peel Best to Get Rid of Pigmentation on Asian Skin?

I’m an Asian woman (49 y/o) with pigmentation on my face. I had flawless skin in my 20s/30s, but when my face began to develop tiny brown spots,... READ MORE

Will I Be Permanently Discolored and Can I Ask for my Money Back? (photo)

I had 2 Triniti series IPL treatments (3 laser treatments in 1) but did not complete the matrix 2nd time as it was too painful/hot. Both times I was... READ MORE

Had Hyperpigmentation From first IPL Treatment to Arms, Doctor Recommends a 2nd Treatment, Good Idea?

I had my first IPL treatment about 4 weeks ago on my arms. After about 3 weeks all the dark areas flaked off but left me with grid/track marks on my... READ MORE

Is sun sensitivity permanent after IPL?

I had an IPL about a month ago. I am suffering of post inflammatory hyperpigmintation (PIH) all over my face. But even worst I have read reviews that... READ MORE

Is laser treatment (IPL) safe for thin skin?

I've been struggling with hyperpigmentation, and I am thinking about going for IPL treatment for this. But I was told by my aesthetician/facialist... READ MORE

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