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Dark Spots Recurring After IPL Treatment

I just had my third IPL treatment done and after the first week my skin looked really nice and free of the dark spots... finally. On the third... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Facial Hyperpigmentation That Was Caused by IPLs?

The Obagi New Derm product does not work well for inflammatory hyper pigmentation caused by IPLs. I wonder if a higher dose of Hydroquinone such as 6%... READ MORE

IPL Has Caused Long Lasting Dark Skin Damage?

4-months ago I went to a certfied skin clinic seeking resolve from light acne discolouration. I am mocha coloured and had a few darkish brown spots I... READ MORE

How to treat a new dark spot on my upper lip after IPL (photo)

It came after my first IPL and i took two more treatment but still the same,they told me to use hydroquinone cream now it more dark and thick READ MORE

I have PIH from a burn, cannot use hydroquinone or lytera. What would you recommend? (photo)

Had a burn onbmy face from IPL laser a month ago. i refuse to live for years with it. it is btw brown and red. based on the picture is it Dermal or... READ MORE

How soon can I start hydroquinone after an IPL treatment?

I had an IPL treatment on my entire face in December 2015 and began using ZO Non-Hyrdoquinone Brightenex 3 weeks later. It is now May and Brightenex... READ MORE

Skin bleaching to even out skin after IPL burn?? (photos)

I went to see a dermatologist today regarding my hyper and Hypopigmentation from IPL burns I had 4 weeks ago. He suggested I use on my entire face a... READ MORE

Can Lytera be mixed with Glycolic Acid or Retinol? (Photo)

I've getting IPL treatments for brown spots which are helping. The nurse recommended I use Lytera (I'm allergic to hydroquinone) to aid the process. I... READ MORE

I have a burn after IPL. How should I treat it? (Photo)

It's not flaky...Can I put tretinoin on it? She recommended hydriquinone and said I should go back for a stem cell to make it better? READ MORE

I have PIH from IPL burn. Can I mix lytera with cortisone?

Hydroquinone irritates me makingbme red. so does lytera, but not as badly, but still enough not to be able to use it without tingling and redness (bc... READ MORE

I had my second ipl done on april 4 2014 - will hydroquinone work?

I have more hyperpigmentation now then before my dr precscribed hydroquinone 4 percent will that really work, I have been using for 2 weeks READ MORE

Exfoliants and lightening agents prior to IPL?

I have PIH and use AHA/Differin w/ improvement on a regular basis. I tried 4% hydroquinone w/ minimal success (x3 months) and suggested an IPL. Should... READ MORE

IPL failure; will this spread or get darker?

After having 3 sessions of IPL, face was clear and that sun spot under my eye that led me to get IPL in the first place faded significantly. About 2... READ MORE

How Many IPL Treatments Does a Person Need on Average Before Seeing Results?

I had one round of ipl for some brown/red spots on my legs and it did absolutely nothing...this was at a laser spa center and not performed by a... READ MORE

Can IPL remove these stubborn chest freckles? (Photo)

I've been trying prescription 4% Hydroquinone and 0.05% retina a cream for 3 months on these freckles around my nipple. I only got this after... READ MORE

Hydroquinone and IPL Hair Removal - Compatible Simultaneously?

I'm having IPL hair removal in face (1º treatment done), but I have a little brown spots that i want to treat so i bought CLASIFEL HQ 4%. Is... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of a Mix Dark and White Spots from IPL Treatment?

How do I get rid of white spots after using IPL for dark spot treat? Fraxel? Hydroqione? Or will Hydroquinone make it worse? READ MORE

Can hydroquinone cream 5% be used after the spectra peel? (Photo)

I had IPL facial to the lower half of my face for vascular spots related to rosacea and a Spectra peel to entire face for texture and... READ MORE

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